Epiphone presents the Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer 2015 Signature Les Paul Outfit, Epiphone's second Les Paul collaboration with one of the most exciting guitarists on the planet, Tommy "Spaceman" Thayer of KISS.

The Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Tommy Thayer 2015 Signature Les Paul Outfit features a solid Mahogany body and a plain Maple Veneer Top finished in beautiful Metallic White with a chrome colored pickguard, all chosen by Tommy. The body also has 7-ply (pure white and black) binding on the top and single-ply pure white binding on the fingerboard.

The 2015 Signature Model comes with Seymour Duncan® JB™ humbuckers especially chosen by Tommy along with a custom hard case, an "Inspired by" Custom Studded Leather Strap just like Tommy's original, a Hand Signed Certificate of Authenticity, a binder with certificate and official photograph, and Epiphone's customary accessories including a user’s manual, Epiphone poster, Epiphone bumper sticker, and more.

"My new 2015 signature model is the pinnacle of looks, style and flash," says Tommy. "I'm proud to put my name on a serious guitar that can be enjoyed at home or rock the biggest stages in the world."




Fan Letter:

I recently went to a Meet and Greet and my dreams of meeting KISS finally came true. After getting autographs and pictures I decided I wanted to somehow keep these collectibles safe. I decided to create my own framed memorabilia to always remember my favorite day of all time.


Marshall Neff


KISS Meet & Greet packages are available for upcoming shows at http://www.kissonline.com/tour.




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* KISS Army Membership Card
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Why LA KISS are kings of the AFL

Harleys, headbangin' and cage dancers? Just another day at an LA KISS game.

By Morty Ain | ESPN The Magazine

Photo: Ray Tamarra/WireImage; Illustration by Gabriel Moreno

ORDERING EYEBLACK BY the barrel isn't part of the game plan for most professional football clubs, but all that changed the day a team agreed to call Los Angeles home. In August 2013, KISS frontman Gene Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley brought the game back to the City of Angels when they cofounded the Arena Football League's LA KISS. Not since the inception of the forward pass has the game undergone such an extreme makeover. Well, the fan experience part anyway. Despite a 3-15 record in their inaugural season, they have become the AFL's marquee franchise. Here's Simmons on the secret sauce behind the success:

Why KISS entered the world of football ...
Well, opportunity knocks probably only once and you don't get another chance. You don't have to be a genius to look around in perhaps the second-largest market in America, Los Angeles, and see it doesn't have a professional football team of any kind. Arena football is cool. For one thing, you don't have to mortgage your home to buy tickets -- $99 for season tickets, what's wrong with that? It's air-conditioned, no matter rain or shine or anything else. It's comfortable. You don't have to travel a mile for the food. If you want to pee, it's right outside the door. It's all good. It's also much faster, much more in your face. It's actually more aggressive. What we do is to make sure you don't have a chance to dip your chips every time the ball goes down on the floor and people are huddling.


SongFacts Interview with Paul Stanley


The LA Kiss finished their first season in the Arena Football League with a 3-15 record, but did so with all the fanfare, explosions and bombast you would expect from a team owned in part by KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

In this conversation with Stanley, he talks about bringing the KISS approach to football, and explains why the band is so much more than their music.

Roger Catlin (Songfacts): When I first heard of the L.A. KISS arena football team, I thought: Kiss may not know football, but they certainly know arenas, after four decades of touring.

Paul Stanley: We know arenas and we also know the point of view of trying to give people more for their money, give them an event. The same rules and laws that have made Kiss successful for 40 years apply to pretty much anything else you want to do. I always feel that rather than second guess other people, if I fulfill a need in myself, I will do the same in other people.

I'm not a sports aficionado but the idea of being able to take my kids or go with friends to see an event that not only brings in the gladiator competition but is also spectacle - great women dancers, BMX bike riders, pyro - that's why we came into the AFL.

The AFL, in my way of thinking, is the black sheep of football. LA Kiss is the black sheep of the AFL. But clearly we're doing something right because in spite of whatever our record is to date which gets scrutinized much more as a starting team understandably, we had 8,000 season tickets sold for this past season and we'll hopefully double that for the next.

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