1. Question: I am an active Fan Club member, do I need to purchase the Concert Club for presale access to the 2014 KISS/Def Leppard tour??

    2. Answer: All active "Fan Club" members will receive a code on the tour page to access the presale to this summer's show.

    1. Question: How do I get my Concert Club member gift?

    2. Answer: Once you have completed your Concert Club transaction, you should receive an email (separate from your invoice email) with instructions on how to redeem your member gift. Expect to receive this email roughly 30 minutes upon successful completion of your transaction.
    1. Question: Where can I find my unique presale access code?

    2. Answer: If you are a Concert Club member, your unique presale code will appear at the top of the tour page once you're logged in.

    1. Question: What do I do if my personal presale code does not work?

    2. Answer: 1. Check that you have entered your code correctly into the ticket vendor website. Your code is case-sensitive and may contain, NUMBERS, UPPERCASE AND LOWERCASE LETTERS. Please be sure to enter your code carefully. Try to avoid using 'copy & paste' to enter your code, and some ticketing systems will require you to type it in.

      2. Check you have not exceeded the ticket limit for your code. Each code is only valid for 4 tickets.

      3. If this does not resolve the problem, in order to contact the appropriate Customer Service Team, please follow the instructions given at the ticket vendor website that has rejected your code.
    1. Question: How can I contact customer service?

    2. Answer: For US dial 800-767-7160, for International dial +1-916-414-2921