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Aug 09 2009
Check out 'The Rock N Roll Chorus' performing "Tears Are Falling" at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Aug 08 2009
By Doug Cataldo for

Hot off the success of the sold-out debut KISS Ikons trading card set from Press Pass, collectors can now enjoy 360 degrees of the Hottest Band in the World. The second KISS release from Press Pass contains a 90-card base set, 4 insert sets and multiple parallel series to chase. A huge part of what makes KISS larger than life is their theatrical and visual show, and Press Pass delivers with a dazzling dip into the bombastic KISSnation.

This time around they’ve developed some stunning acetate and lenticular inserts collections and they included signatures from all four original members. You could find a single card containing the autographs of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. There are also memorabilia cards of not only Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, but beloved drummer Eric Carr. A box of KISS 360° is priced at $79.00.

To cover the entire career of KISS is quite an undertaking. They’ve been making KISStory since 1973. In 2009 they celebrated the 35th anniversary of their landmark recording KISS Alive! With an appearance on American Idol, the announcement of a new KISS CD and other significant milestones such as the introduction of KISS M&Ms, KISS Mr. Potato Heads and plans to launch another explosive tour, they continue to leave an unparalleled legacy in the world of rock and roll.
Aug 08 2009
Hey Guys!

Just thought I would share this with you. I attended the Ohio State Fair on Saturday night in Columbus, OH and found this huge painting of Gene and Paul on the outside of the Funhouse! Very caught my eye from a distance and it was definitely attracting attention of many other people at the fair.

Can't wait for the new record and tour!

Scott Carr

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Aug 07 2009
The new KISS 360 Trading cards will be released next week!

Discover 360 degrees of KISS. From the exhilarating live shows to the crazy stories from the road, KISS 360 uncovers all aspects of the KISS legacy.

The 90-CARD BASE SET includes subsets such as The Demon Speaks, Unmasked, Behind Starry Eyes, Welcome to the Show, and Road Stories.

ROCK STAR RELICS features authentic memorabilia cards featuring items from Gene (autographed leather pants), Paul (autographed vests and a jumpsuit), and Eric Carr (autographed drumheads). Also look for dual Gene/Paul memorabilia cards (Pictured).

KISSignatures features cut signatures from Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace, including a quad cut signature card featuring autographs from all four original members.

TRANSFORMATION - a 6-card lenticular motion card insert

SNAPSHOTS – a unique plastic card insert featuring classic photos of the band

Also look for "BLOOD-SPITTING", "$" (hobby-only), "Dr. Love" (Wal-Mart), and "Kissed" (Target) base set parallels

CLICK HERE to visit Press Pass' Official KISS 360 Website
Aug 07 2009

By Mark Arnone
Photos by Bret Moiseff & Mark Arnone

When KISS says they will play anywhere, they mean it! On July 28th, 2009 KISS rocked California once again in support the of Alive 35 World Tour. Jamming for nearly two hours sticking close to the Alive 35 set list. KISS came out with their guns loaded with what seemed to be more pyrotechnics than usual. Maybe to compensate for the fact that, as Paul stated on-stage, couldn't levitate the drum set, fly for Love Gun or come down from the rafters. Some ticket holders were upgraded to better seating due to a pyrotechnics issue. Not bad! The stage was set up in the rodeo arena and most of the floor seating was there on the dirt, as were the cows, seriously. Remember it's a fair and the cows were to the left of the stage, smell and all. Some of those cows had a better vantage point than I did. Remember KISS will play anywhere for their fans and we thank them for that.


Autographed 8 x 10, 2 personal photos with the band, KISS laminate, Alive 35 guitar picks, Mini KISS poster, KISS Tour Book, Alive 35 T-Shirt & $50 coupon for the online KISS store!

Aug 06 2009
The Classic game of Bingo meets KISS.

Players choose a Bingo Card to begin the game. There are 24 numbers per card plus a free space in the center of the card. The numbers run from 1 to 75. Once the game begins, the caller selects numbers at a random and calls them. As soon as the caller calls out a number, all the players place a Bingo Chip on that number (if the number is on their card). The winner is determined when a player completes a winning bingo pattern (a line - either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, a full card (when all the numbers are to be covered or any pattern that the caller determines to be the winning combination prior to the game beginning).

The numbers in the columns of a Bingo Card are selected at random and printed according to the range - Column B: 1 to 15, Column I: 16 to 30, Column N (this column contains four numbers and the free space): 31 to 45, Column G: 46 to 60 and in Column O: 61 to 75.

Components - Tally Board, Bingo Markers, KISS Bingo Cards (20), Bingo Chips, Drawstring Bag with KISS logo embroidered on it.
Playing time - 2-20 players (15-20 minutes)
Features - Ages 8+, 2-20 Players

Note: Orders will ship on or around the 2nd week of September.

Aug 06 2009

My husband and I along with our friends are die-hard KISS fans as well as rescuers of Greyhounds. At the summer picnic for our Greyhound rescue organization, our four dogs participated in the costume contest as KISS! We had a blast making the costumes and thought you might enjoy seeing the results.

All the best!

Daryl and Pamela Thrasher

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Aug 06 2009



If you been reading KISSONLINE, it's no surprise to you now. We ARE done recording our new album.

What might well be a surprise is that at the least, the album is right up there with our best. As much as we may have tried at some other times to achieve this, the chemistry, line-up or lack of total commitment from everyone might have been cause for it being impossible. Not now. Not this time.

I know that when you hear it you will agree.

Before we began the album, I said I was only interested in doing it if I produced and we followed set ground rules; Total commitment by everyone, pure guitar driven KISS, no outside writers, no outside players and my opinion and say would always be final.
Aug 05 2009
KISS Army Worldwide: The Ultimate Fanzine Phenomenon (Hardcover Book)

The new, upcoming book that chronicles the amazing phenomena of
the History of KISS Fanzines will soon see the light of day. We have
stories, art and fanzine covers of literally thousands of KISS
Fanzines from the early 1970's all the way to the present. Over 30
years of KISS fanzines.

Though the cover and overall layout are yet to be completely
done, you can pre-order your copy HERE.

CLICK HERE to pre-order the new KISS Book.
Aug 04 2009
Hi Everyone,

On the one-year anniversary of KISS Rock and Roll Day in South Dakota I wanted to say again thank you very much to all of you for your part in making last year's event a great success. The South Dakota Office of Tourism and the South Dakota Governor's Office couldn't have been more pleased with how everything turned out.

I'm wearing my KISS Rocks America shirt today at the office in honor of the anniversary.


Chad Coppess
South Dakota Tourism & State Development

Aug 04 2009
I am a life long KISS fan (first concert 1977, Hartford, Rock 'N' Roll Over tour) and I do all the posters for the Atlanta Rollergirls Rollerderby Team. A lot of the girls are big KISS fans as well, so I created a tribute to my favorite band for the the Girl's Championship bout poster. It is the most popular poster I have done for them. Unbelievable response! Can't wait for the new album!

Make sure you bring the next tour to Atlanta because we are ready to ROCK! .

Dave Cook

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Aug 03 2009
Over a thousand members of the KISS ARMY attended the KISS Coffeehouse's 3rd anniversary celebration in Myrtle Beach on Saturday! Fans from all over the US and Canada came out to meet KISS drummer Eric Singer. Eric was absolutely great, signing autographs and taking photos for almost eight hours. It was so obvious that he was having as much fun meeting the fans as they were meeting him!
Aug 02 2009
/ M&M's Ad Campaign
Here's the artwork for the KISS / M&M's ad campaign that is currently running in major magazines.

Limited edition KISS M&M's will be released in October!
Aug 02 2009
Dalson Chen, The Windsor Star

Windsor teen Shawn Kinghorn may have been too injured to see Kiss blow away Sarnia's Bayfest, but that didn't stop his rock superheroes from acknowledging their fallen fan.

On Friday, representatives of Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital presented Kinghorn with a KISS-approved compensation package: four Kiss T-shirts, a hooded Kiss sweater and an official Kiss program autographed by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.

"It makes me feel special," said Kinghorn, 13. "Because they don't usually do this for, like, anybody."

Aug 01 2009
By Kristi Singer - For The Sun News

The KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach celebrated its third anniversary Saturday. The "all day and night rock 'n' roll party" featured an appearance by KISS drummer the Catman Eric Singer in honor of the coffeehouse's continued success.

"You would've thought the band designed [the KISS Coffeehouse] - that's how good he did it," Singer said during a phone interview in talking about creator and owner Brian Galvin. "Some people understand the KISS mentality and how the band wants to be presented, and this guy was the original one who came up with the concept and had it built. And he did a super job."
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