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Sep 11 2009
Sep 11 2009
Here's the KISS Ski Masks and Destroyer Chain Wallet from KISS licensee BIOWORLD. These items are available now at retail stores in the US.
Sep 10 2009
Here's the cover of a new KISS poster-magazine that was just released in Brazil.

Thanks to Marcio Siqueira for sending KOL the image.
Sep 10 2009
"The great thing about doing art shows is you get to meet the people who are interested in your art, and I think that when you're purchasing a piece of art it's a tremendous bonus to get to meet the artist because you get a chance to pick their brain a bit and find out first hand what the piece is about for the artist," stated Paul Stanley - the rock and roll legend and accomplished artist - in an interview with Melanie Falina of, "But on the other hand, I think that ultimately - as I say to most of the people who are acquiring art - I can tell you my reality of a piece but ultimately what's more important will be yours. I can tell you what a piece means to me but just as valid if not more is what it means to you."

Wentworth Galleries will be hosting the art of Paul Stanley this Friday and Saturday.

Wentworth Galleries is located in the Woodfield Shopping Center at 5 Woodfield Shopping Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Friday - September 11, 2009 - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday - September 12, 2009 - 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wentworth Gallery
Woodfield Shopping Center
5 Woodfield Shopping Center
Schaumburg, IL

For details on the VIP Reception with Paul Stanley or to RSVP please call 847-995-1190 or 800-732-6140
Sep 10 2009
Hi Kiss!

Thought you'd like to see this picture!

I was cruising on my bike through the Amsterdam (Holland), and at Museumplein there was an exhibition with all kinds of elephant statues painted in different ways.

One of the elephants featured KISS ..KISS really is EVERYWHERE!

Take Care


Sep 10 2009
KISS released their legendary ALIVE album on September 10, 1975. This double live album, recorded largely in Detroit's Cobo Arena (with some material from Iowa, New Jersey and Ohio), marked the pivotal giant step towards achieving domination in the 70's.

The multi-platinum album peaked at #9, and spent 110 weeks on the album charts.

"We wanted to put out a souvenir, almost like when you go to the circus," said Paul Stanley. "I really enjoy myself onstage, prancing around, shaking my ass, shaking my head, playing the guitar between my legs. I enjoy it as much as the audience. Basically, I am entertaining myself up there."
Sep 09 2009
Sep 09 2009
The KISS Symphony DVD was released on September 9, 2003. The DVD debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart and was certified double platinum.

The DVD features KISS performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Etihad Stadium (formerly known as Telstra Dome) in Melbourne, Australia, on February 28, 2003.

Track Listing:

Act One

Deuce / Strutter / Let Me Go Rock and Roll / Lick It Up / Calling Dr. Love / Psycho Circus

Act Two

Beth / Forever / Goin' Blind / Sure Know Something / Shandi

Act Three

Detroit Rock City / King of the Night Time World / Do You Love Me / Great Expectations / Shout It Out Loud
God of Thunder / Love Gun / I Was Made For Loving You / Black Diamond / Rock and Roll All Nite

Here's "I Was Made For Lovin' You" from the DVD:

Sep 09 2009
Dear KISS,

I have been a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces for the past 20 years. I first saw KISS in concert at Buffalo, New York when I was 8 years old. YOU GUYS ROCK!! I have to say that concert was a major event in my life, one that I have never forgotten. I had an opportunity to see another KISS concert almost 25 years later in Raleigh, North Carolina while I was serving on an exchange tour with the United States Air Force and it was just as amazing as I remember from Buffalo. Your music and style has shaped my life and I am in your debt. I wish I had a chance during my life to see more concerts but due to circumstances beyond my control it has just not been possible.

On November 9th, 2009, you are scheduled to be in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I am currently based. I am planning on attending the concert and will be bringing my son Thomas who is currently 9 years old. Over the years I have shared my love for KISS with him and he is now a devoted fan...he wants nothing more in life than to become a rock star and I want to share this awesome experience with him. I am sure this concert will be a definite highlight of his young life.

Braden Buczkowski

Sep 08 2009
So by now most everyone knows that KISS' new album 'Sonic Boom' releases on October 6 and will be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. What you may not know is that Press Pass has a companion product that will be sold alongside the CD/DVD...

KISS "Tour Edition" is a 33-card set with lots of bonus goodies (three collectible boxes and posters!) culled from 35 years of KISS tours. Full of vintage photography as well as set lists and insider info from the tours, this exclusive set is one retrospective every KISS fan will want. Attractively priced at $10 it will be a nice compliment to 'Sonic Boom.'
Sep 08 2009
Reviewed by : Mitch Lafon
Rating : 9.0

With Sonic Boom, KISS has stopped chasing the next hot trend and their lust for a number one single. Instead, the band has focused their efforts on making the best possible 'KISS music' and by and large have succeeded. Combining the brash swagger of their '70s catalogue with the pop sensibilities of their '80s adventures and the raw power of their '90s era, Sonic Boom delivers an album that all KISS fans can call their own.

'Say Yeah' is your classic arena rock sing-along with Paul Stanley delivering the upbeat vocals with enthusiasm. 'Yes, I Know (Nobody's Perfect)' finds Gene Simmons in his Rock 'N Roll Over glory days while 'All For The Glory' (a track that could fit comfortably on Dressed To Kill) is the album's big revelation. The song features Eric Singer on his very first lead vocal and shows that his talent goes beyond pounding skins. 'Never Enough' is another upbeat track with Paul Stanley leading us into '80s KISS pop territory while 'Russian Roulette' has that Simmons' snarl that brings us right back into Creatures Of The Night glory. The band tackles '90s KISS on 'Danger Us' with another great Stanley vocal.

'When Lightning Strikes' is a straight ahead rocker and is the track that most fans will be curious about since it features Tommy Thayer behind the mic. The guitarist doesn't disappoint and it underscores the fact that KISS has once again become a unique collection of four distinct personalities. If the band can continue down this path, fans will clamor for more new music and will demand that the songs be played live. Overall, KISS has done the unimaginable. They've delivered an album that can proudly carry the KISS moniker and should satisfy fans from all the band's various eras and incarnations.
Sep 07 2009

Ok, KISS Army... here's a sneak peek of the brand new KISS outfits! The band is pictured on the set of last week's photo shoot for the new KISS ALIVE 35 tour book.

Photos by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE
Sep 06 2009
Hello KISS!

A pair of soon to be 4 year olds....die hard fans already,,,mom not as proud as dad it seems!

Donnie Spickland

Sep 05 2009
Rock group's CD blitz includes Mr. Potato Heads

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

How many Kiss Mr. Potato Head kollectibles are you going to need? For many fans, the answer will be two of each -- one set for you and one for the kids to play with, and lose all the pieces.

The Kiss Mr. Potato Head -- sure to be the most entertaining piece of merchandise the band has ever issued -- will take its place in the Kiss Korner at Walmart on Oct. 6 as part of a merchandise blitz that accompanies "Sonic Boom," the band's first album in 11 years.

The pitch for merch has intensified, but Kiss is taking it to the next level. The Kiss Korner will include T-shirts ($5), a fleece blanket ($10), limited edition Kiss M&M candies, catalog CDs ($5-$9) and makeup kits, masks and wigs (at select Walmart stores, $5).
Sep 05 2009
Wal-Mart Isn't Kutting Korners to Kapitalize on KISS

By Mike Duff

In its battle of the bands with Target, Wal-Mart is getting serious.

Or perhaps delirious, but, no matter what, its latest entertainment initiative looks to be fun and productive.

Wal-Mart revealed yesterday that it would be mounting what it refers to as KISS Korners in its electronics and Halloween aisles to support its exclusive distribution of the band's new album Sonic Boom.

Among the featured items involved are Mr. Potato Head versions of all four band members in full makeup.

That's not all, of course, even if the Mr. Potato Heads are likely to be a couldn't-top-them-with-sour-cream marketing and sales success, particularly among hard-core KISS fans. The multifaceted KISS Korner merchandise initiative will be in place when Sonic Boom releases on Oct. 6 exclusively at Walmart stores, Sam's Clubs and The release certainly counts as a value proposition, given that the eleven-track CD is part of a three-disc set that also features a new generation KISS greatest hits CD and a live DVD shot in Argentina during the band's South American tour, all for $12 bucks. Clearly, Wal-Mart is making a pricing statement with its recent entertainment products, one that may pressure other retailers.
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