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Dec 01 2009
Words & images by Tracy Nunnery
Excerpted from Jambase

KISS :: 11.22.09 :: Oracle Arena :: Oakland, CA

If you show anyone in the world a photo of KISS, it's pretty likely that they will tell you right away who it is. That kind of cachet is hard to come by in the fickle world of music. The monster that Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and crew have created is alive, kicking and scratching, and will certainly be for many years, even after they finish their time onstage. Their lucrative creation is completely absurd and they have gone to great lengths to keep it that way.

It's genius, really. When I first saw the KISS Destroyer Tour as a kid in 1976, all of the elements were already in place. It was an over-the-top exhibition of the most elaborate circus turned horror fest. And, as a rock show, not a play was left in the playbook with all of the cliché tricks in the history of rock music pressed into use. When Peter Criss and Ace Frehley left the band, their iconic characters kept marching forward. Fans weren't paying to see actual people; they were showing up, year after year and show after show, to see the spectacle. Although the band behind the makeup may change, the experience will be consistently familiar.
Dec 01 2009
Photographer Ross Halfin shot some amazing photographs of KISS in California. Throughout last week, Ross also blogged about his various experiences with the band. Read the highlights here, excerpted from!


November 19

In Los Angeles to shoot, if I have my way, some Kiss.

November 20

Spoke to Paul Stanley and thinking about it after, I realized he REALLY is a fine man. He returns phone calls, emails and if he says he's going to do something he does it. I like him a great deal. He invited Peter and I to Fresno tomorrow.

November 21

FRESNO, YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST - THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD - KISS! They were EXCITING. If I could pick one show I enjoyed the most this year it's KISS. It has everything you pay to go to see. You come away HAPPY and I think that is why you go out - to have a good time.
Dec 01 2009
By Gustavo Turner
Photos by Anna Webber

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and much of LA had either left town or stayed at home to prepare for the imminent family holiday, but you wouldn't have guessed that if you had been at the Staples Center, where KISS had convened its Army for a back-to-basics, old-school rock and roll show.

Faithful fans and curious gawkers alike were in for a special treat, as the band pulled all the stops for what ended up being KISS's first ever live concert webcast, streamed exclusively through and

The current tour pretty much follows the template of the second CD included with copies of KISS's new release Sonic Boom: a riff heavy, high-energy set of "classics" impervious to critical assaults or often justified accusations of cheesiness, embarrassing sexism, repetitiveness, etc.

The band is heading into its fourth decade unrepentant and, shall we say it, victorious. The foursome who took the stage last Wednesday led by life partners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley reenacted the KISS of the good old early days, a kabuki circus full of fire, stage blood, and Borscht Belt stage banter.

Dec 01 2009
Check out these fan-filmed video clips of "Detroit Rock City" and "Dr. Love" from KISS's show at the Sports Arena!

Dec 01 2009
Here are a few photos from Saturday night's KISS meet & greet at the Pearl.

Photos by Dean Snowden for KISSONLINE.
Dec 01 2009

Aloha from the 50th State! Just thought I'd share a photo of my KISSmas Tree. It stands 7 feet tall, and is adorned with KISS ornaments (some of which play "Shout it Out Loud" when you press a button on them), and lights. It's topped with a 12" Mego Gene Simmons doll which I've had since 1978.

Merry KISSmas to all!


Dec 01 2009
This Wednesday, December 2nd, Kiss, and tribute band Kiss on the Rocks( will be featured big time on Dutch major TV channel RTL4.

The 1 hour show focuses on collecting Kiss memorabilia, being in a Kiss tribute band, and the stress this can put on a Kiss fan's family. An impressive collection is shown and Gene on the Rocks is forced to make a decision... his collection & band, or his family. Watch RTL television at 9.30pm, local Dutch time to see what decision he makes...

The show has footage from both Kiss and Kiss on the Rocks in concert.

Thanks to our friend Rutger for sening KOL the news.

Dec 01 2009
Saturday, the big ticket that night belonged to KISS, who took to the stage at Pearl Theater at the Palms.

Photos by Tom Donoghue
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