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Dec 13 2009
By April Jones - Omaha Rock Music Examiner
Photo: Susana Capra/AEG Events Examiner

Ringing ears? Laryngitis? Those aren't symptoms of the latest flu virus, just the aftermath of seeing KISS perform Friday night at the Mid America Center.

Council Bluffs (and Omaha, as Paul Stanley noted throughout the show) was the latest stop on the rock band's "Alive 35" tour which coincides with the release of their latest album, Sonic Boom. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, with an average age of 50-something, are living proof of the old saying you're never too old to rock n roll.

Age certainly didn't stop the Starchild from flying above the audience and landing on a platform in the center of the arena. And it definitely didn't stop the Demon from climbing into the rafters and reminding fans just what a musical master and talented showman he is.
Dec 12 2009
Kiss tickets come and go with the blink of an eye


This Kiss you could miss in the blink of an eye.

About 150 seats to the classic rock act's concert at Essar Centre have gone on sale over two or three days since Dec 1. Some are prime front-row ducats.

Diehard fans determined to see the band's first-ever show in Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday are quickly snatching up small releases of seats from the arena's website. They're gone just minutes after they become available.

"It's amazing to see people on the site regularly and see the tickets go right from our box office co-ordinator Nicole (Mosley's) monitor," said marketing and events manager Trevor Zachary.
Dec 12 2009
KISS still knows how to stage a rock spectacle


On Friday night, KISS was all platform boots, greasepaint, sequins and swagger.

The Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman brought all of the above and a ton of pyrotechnics to the stage at the Mid-America Center.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer strutted around and played every classic in their arsenal, with the notable exception of "Shout It Out Loud."

And this is KISS, so don't forget about all of the flames and flash.

They basically pulled off every arena rock trick in the book. The stage was enormous, in three sections with several moving pieces. Fireworks and spouts of flame shot out of the stage, while vast video screens displayed the tricks and licks - both guitar and otherwise. Confetti filled the arena while lights flickered and swirled.
Dec 12 2009
Happy Birthday to our good friend, Bruce Kulick.

Bruce - we hope you have an awesome day!
Dec 12 2009
Tommy Thayer interview with The Sault Star


To some, Ron Wood is still the spankin' new Stone -- and he officially joined ranks with Mick, Keith and boys in 1976.

Tommy Thayer hasn't strutted his stuff as a member of Kiss for nearly as long, but he concedes to feeling some kinship with the famed British musician when it comes to being dubbed new kid on the block.

"If Ronnie Wood is the new Stone after 35 years, I'm definitely the new guy in Kiss," says Thayer, who officially took over lead guitar duties when original axeman Ace Frehley finally departed for good in 2002.

"But my place in the band has become more and more fortified as time goes on, and that's great. Good things take time and this continues to build and grow for Kiss and for me personally, too."
Dec 12 2009
KISS has been rocking since 1973, so it makes sense that references to the band (and their makeup) have popped up just about everywhere in pop culture. Here are a few:

"Family Guy"

In the Season 3 episode "Road to Europe," Peter and Lois go to KISS-stock, a five-night concert featuring the band. He and Lois dress in KISS makeup and stand near the stage, but when Gene Simmons points the microphone at Lois during "Rock and Roll All Night," she doesn't know the words, and Peter is humiliated. They head to a Denny's restaurant, where KISS is eating and Lois recognizes Simmons by his birth name, Chaim Witz, and they talk about how they dated before Simmons was in the band.

"Role Models"

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott star in this 2008 comedy about two friends, Danny and Wheeler, who get in trouble and are sentenced to 150 hours of mentoring kids. Wheeler's love of KISS helps him seem cool to the wild child he's placed with. For the final act of the film, the four main characters don KISS makeup.

"Detroit Rock City"

This 1999 movie takes place in 1978, where Lex, Trip, Hawk and Jam's favorite band is KISS. They're pumped up to head to a concert in Detroit, until Hawk's ultrareligious mom (who thinks "KISS" stands for "Knights In Satan's Service") lights their tickets on fire. The four friends have to find a way to get out of school, get to Detroit and get into the concert. Without getting caught.

"What's New, Scooby-Doo?"

During the '90s-era incarnation of the cartoon series, the episode "A Scooby-Doo Halloween" shows the mystery-solving gang in a town where KISS is playing at a Halloween concert. The song "Shout It Out Loud" plays during the episode's chase sequence.

- Kevin Coffey
Dec 12 2009

KISS for the first time live in Bratislava, Slovakia on May 29, 2010...I will celebrate my birthday with KISS!

Robert Ivanko from Kiss Army Slovakia

Dec 12 2009
Check out this fan's tattoo before, during and after being signed by KISS!

Photos by Dean Snowden and Spiro Papadatos for KISSonline.
Dec 12 2009
KISS: Sonic Boom (Roadrunner/Loud&Proud)

By JJ Haggar

Now let's get this party started by saying if you're a fan of KISS you already know the score, if you are not (Why The F**k Not?) then you should give this record a spin. If you have already decided you don't like the band no matter what then A: Why are you reading this and B: this record isn't for you and you should just f**k right off now thank you very much...

So back to the people who do matter, those still on this page at this point...

Now depending on when you got into this band, will define your opinion on it; if you are an early 70's child circa Alive-Alive II (pre Double Platinum) then you are searching for the holy grail of 'Destroyer II' and this isn't it... Gene Simmons says, "SONIC BOOM" may be the best new record we've done since Destroyer! It is Rock And Roll Over meets Love Gun. Sonic Boom certainly has hints of 'Love Gun' and 'Rock N' Roll Over'(and that's close enough for me).
Dec 12 2009
Signed KISS Limited Edition Prints Now Available

These two signed (signed by me [Michael Doret] and the members of the group), limited edition, large scale fine art prints (not lithos) are now finally available through the official KISS Online Store! These prints made from my original artwork of Sonic Boom and Rock and Roll Over are the best incarnations you will ever see of my art for these two iconic KISS releases.

I have digitally redone my orignal art for Rock and Roll Over (after 30+ years the original original art is long gone), and so now it's cleaner and crisper than ever before. The art for Sonic Boom was digitally created to begin with and so enlarges to the 20" size perfectly.

The print images are 20″ square printed on 25″ square "Museo Textured Rag" digital Watercolor paper. These are archival prints and will show no visible signs of fading for 100+ years under reasonable lighting situations.

Printed by Art Works Fine Art Publishing in Los Angeles, these editions are limited to 250 prints each, and each print will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.

As the creator of these two pieces I am very critical of print quality, but suffice it to say that when I saw the final proofs of these two pieces I was blown away by the color intensity and the quality. Order yours before they're gone!

Pre Order - Signed Limited Edition Sonic Boom Fine Art Print

Pre Order - Signed Limited Edition Rock And Roll Over Fine Art Print
Dec 11 2009
Check out this great fan-filmed clip of "Detroit Rock City" from Kansas City!

Dec 11 2009
Merry KISSmas: Legendary Rockers KISS Launch an Offensive with ABC's Hit "Show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to Help a Family of Needy KISS Fans

In the spirit of the KISS Army, when the ABC hit show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" told legendary rockers KISS about a family of needy KISS fans in Gainesville, Florida, who started a home-based, non-profit music school while their own home is falling down around them, the band heeded the call and launched the offense during their Tulsa stop on their North American KISS/Alive 35 tour.

Tobin and Jill Wagstaff, a couple with four children, operate Studio Percussion, Inc., a school that currently serves about 200 people, half of which receive financial aid or a full scholarship. The non-profit school can only afford to pay Tobin, 29, a salary, so Jill, 32, must also work as a pre-school teacher to help pay the bills. Their utter devotion to their family, school, and community leaves little time and resources to tend to their home that is in dire need of repair. The floors and rooftops are completely rotting away and the electrical system throughout the house is faulty.
Dec 11 2009
By Kevin Coffey

Get out your armor. Find the grease paint. And don't forget your Kiss Army membership card.

The father of all over-the-top rock 'n' roll shows is on its way to town.

KISS and all of its makeup, fireworks, spouts of flame, flashing lights, fire-breathing, blood and booming guitars will take over the Mid-America Center tonight.

The group is on its "Alive 35" tour, celebrating the anniversary of its live album, "Alive!"
Dec 11 2009
Check out this impressive collection of KISS magazine covers! All of these magazines were released in 2009. KISS truly is everywhere!!
Dec 11 2009
A-B, Activision Benefit From Unexpected Stickiness of Live Ustream Show by Iconic Rock Band

by Jeremy Mullman

So it turns out giving a concert away online is a pretty good way to sell beer and video games.

On Nov. 25, Kiss partnered with live streaming video platform Ustream for an online broadcast of the bombastic and pyrotechnic closing concert for its "35 Alive" tour at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

The broadcast drew more than 2 million views -- Ustream's feed was viewed on its own site as well through social-media hubs such as Facebook -- and it generated enough buzz to rate as a trending topic on Twitter during the Thanksgiving eve performance. The 1.1 million unique visitors, while not rocking all night, stuck around a while: The average viewing time during the broadcast was 43 minutes.
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