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Aug 08 2010
Check out these great photos of the KISS Army at last night's Boston-area concert!

Each one of these photos was taken by fans at the show who shared their great pics with the world via the KISS LIVE SHARE CoolIris application. KISS is the first band in the world to launch this app, and the KISS ARMY is being called upon to start taking great pictures! Want to join in the fun?

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Aug 08 2010
Check out these great fan-filmed clips from KISS' Boston-area show last night!

Aug 08 2010
Photo and story by Doug Cataldo for KISSonline

The Hottest Show on Earth landed in Camden, New Jersey, when iconic rockers KISS invaded the Susquehanna Bank Center. Rising high above the capacity crowd during the opener "Modern Day Delilah," they set the tone for a two-hour rock and roll party.

Frontman Paul Stanley owned the crowd leading them in whatever direction he chose, assuring that each member of the audience became part of the show. While Stanley hammed it up, Gene Simmons growled to the enjoyment of his screaming fans. Flanked by the solid musicianship of lead guitarist Tommy Thayer and the bombastic drumming of Eric Singer, the KISS of 2010 is by far the most solid lineup the band has assembled.

They covered the entire KISS catalog with hits including "Deuce," "Love Gun," "Lick It Up," "Black Diamond," "Crazy Crazy Nights," "I Love It Loud" and mixed in new songs from Sonic Boom, including "Say Yeah!" and "I'm An Animal."

The combination of theatrics and ear-shattering rock is what has kept KISS at the top of the list of must-see concerts for decades, and they still do it better than anyone. From Simmons' blood spitting and fire breathing to brand-new antics featuring Singer, Thayer and a bazooka, they continue to raise the bar living up to the moniker "The Hottest Show on Earth."

The band, while hugely successful on their own merits, also took time to pay homage to some of their favorites. Stanley performed a good portion of the Led Zeppelin classic "Whole Lotta Love" during the intro to "Black Diamond," while the entire band played a chunk of the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" during "Lick it Up."
Aug 08 2010
Here are a few photos taken backstage before last night's Boston show!

Photos by Hab Haddad and Keith Leroux for KISSonline.
Aug 08 2010
Here are some more great fan-filmed clips from Friday night's Philadelphia/Camden show!

Thanks to Steve Feldman for sending these to KISSonline.

Aug 08 2010
An Eastern New Mexico University graduate has displayed her art in 1,100 locations, worked with rock band KISS and made her mark on the New Mexico Lottery.

Jessica Quintana, who graduated from ENMU in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, designed the new popular KISS scratchers.

"They were fun," she said.

Lottery spokeswoman Linda Hamlin said the KISS lottery game launched June 22, and within four days, 80 percent of the 1,100 New Mexico Lottery retailers had the tickets on display and for sale. That is one of the fastest responses, she said.

Hamlin said the lottery has received e-mails from people around the country and around the world asking if they could buy KISS lottery tickets. People can only buy the game in New Mexico, except for the tickets Hamlin found for sale on eBay for $10 and $50.

Official retailers sell the KISS tickets for $5 each.

Hamlin said the KISS scratchers got started when lottery CEO Tom Romero, a KISS fan, invited the band to be featured in a lottery game in December. Because the group's image is licensed, the designers needed to work with the members on the tickets.

Quintana, a veteran in working with licensed material, created tickets with photos from the band, received approval from lottery employees and sent the designs to the KISS manager.

The manager sent the designs on to KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Quintana said the group was on tour in Europe, but responded in about three days, compared to the three weeks some licensers take.

Quintana received messages saying "Gene" and "Paul" each wanted a different guitar used.

"That was really surreal to feel I was on a first-name basis with these superstars," she said.
Aug 08 2010
By Peter Ames Carlin

When we talk about Gene Simmons, we talk about the fire-breathing, blood-spitting founder of Kiss, whose kabuki-painted, comic book heavy metal has been familiar to head-banging kids (and their tormented parents) for nearly 40 years.

And so much more. The leering Lothario with his self-proclaimed thousands of conquests. The misogynist boor whose verbal harassment of National Public Radio's Terry Gross is one of the most notorious public broadcasting moments ever. The gleeful modern Barnum who summarizes his contempt for rock-for-art's sake by declaring that he "never wanted to be in a rock n' roll band, I wanted to be in a rock n' roll brand."

Or maybe he's the pussycat father in "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels," the documentary-style sitcom about the family he has with longtime companion (and 1982 Playboy playmate of the year) Shannon Tweed.

Simmons is all that and even more. And last weekend he was right here in Aloha, headlining Pacific University's fourth annual Legends Golf Classic, a high-dollar, star-studded fundraiser for the school's athletic programs.

Not because Simmons, or any member of his clan, has a connection to the school, either. That would be too predictable. This is all about Kiss guitarist - and Washington County native - Tommy Thayer. He didn't attend the school either but is nevertheless a member of Pacific's board of trustees, the one whose showbiz connections, along with his public-spiritedness and his unbelievably nice demeanor (call him the Homecoming King, it totally fits) make him one of the school's most potent fundraisers and attention-getters.

Much of this is due to the Legends golf tourney, which weaves golf, rock n' roll, pro sports and well-to-do Oregonians into a two-day event that is both a quick sellout and a huge fundraising tool for Pacific.

And here's how it all went down.
Aug 07 2010
Check out these fan-filmed clips of "Firehouse" and "Beth" from KISS' show in Camden, NJ.

Aug 07 2010
Check out these photos of the guys backstage before last night's Philadelphia-area concert!

Photos by Hab Haddad for KISSonline.
Aug 07 2010
Here are some great shots of the KISS Army out in full force at last night's Philly/Camden show!
Aug 06 2010

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Aug 06 2010
Burlington County Times

By: ED CONDRAN / Burlington County Times

During its heyday, Kiss was introduced as "The Hottest Band in the World."

So it's not surprising that the cartoonish rock band has dubbed its latest jaunt the "Hottest Show on Earth Tour" with a stop tonight at the Susquehanna Bank Center.

"There's a good reason that we went with that name for our tour," drummer Eric Singer says while calling from Los Angeles. "We're still a hot act. No band brings it like Kiss."

The veteran band, which continues to be led by vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley and vocalist-bassist Gene Simmons, still plays the big arenas and sheds around the country. The "Kiss Army" continues to support the band, and its contingent is expanding.

"We're seeing a lot of younger fans come out to our shows," says Singer. "So we have the older and definitely the younger, who are so enthusiastic."
Aug 06 2010
For Paul Stanley, success is not a dirty word

By Jed Gottlieb

KISS is the greatest rock band! Ever!

Who says? KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley of course.

Stanley, Gene Simmons and the other two masked men (longtime supporting players guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer) are back for their second Boston-area date in less than a year Saturday at the Comcast Center. Stanley dialed the Herald to talk about a possible KISS fridge, a probable new album and finally getting great reviews.

You guys were just here. What is this, a victory lap?

The last 35 years have been a victory lap for us. No one other than our fans thought we were going to win, but we've spent the last two years playing to 10,000 at the smallest show and 90,000 at the biggest around the world. We just wanted to bring the hottest show on Earth, the best show we've ever done, back to the States. Once again, we are the winners.

You have so many albums and songs. How do you balance playing the hits and obscure songs your cult loves?

I'm one of those people who believes that songs are obscure for a reason. Hold on a second. (The chattering of a child can be heard in the background.) Sorry, my kids rule my house. Where were we?

Aug 06 2010

The cover of Indiana magazine Nuvo features a tribute to the hottest band in the world! KISS makes their first ever appearance at the Indiana State Fair on Monday, and Gene Simmons promised the Grandstand will be rocked with "the most explosive show since the Beatles played there" in 1964.
Aug 05 2010
By Antony Bruno

KISS is going back on tour, and you know what that means - all sorts of KISS-licensed stuff. This time around, the Masters of Merch are going digital with KISS Liveshare, a mobile app that lets fans share photos taken at the show on screen during the show, as well as with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The app was created by Cooliris, in partnership with KISS and Live Nation Merchandise.

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