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May 31 2011
Rock on! Mini dresses up cars to look like KISS

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

If you're a really big fan of the glam band Kiss, this is your car. Mini is dressing up four of its iconic Countryman crossovers to look like the 1970s rockers.

The four are being sold on eBay with the proceeds going to the children's' charity UNICEF. Each car will be given the face-paint look of one band member but will be signed by the whole band. That's the Gene Simmons-inspired car in the photo, above.

You may recall that Kiss made a splashy impression in April at the New York auto show as part of a Mini presentation. Three out of four Kiss musicians showed up, and Mini USA's chief was painted as if he were a member of the band.

In addition to the auction, Mini USA is selling vehicle wraps featuring the Kiss-inspired designs, initially revealed at the New York auto show. Proceeds from the sales of the vehicle wraps will also be donated to UNICEF.
May 31 2011
FOX 40
KISS Performs at Raley Field

May 31 2011
By Marc McLaughlin (Sacramento Press)

Images by: Marc McLaughlin

Interview with Eric Singer (drums, vocals)

Marc McLaughlin: How does it feel to be doing a charity event for children (Walk ‘N Rock for Kids)?

Eric Singer: It's cool. I mean, everyone has to make a living, but when you can do what you love to do, make a living at it and also help people, it feels wonderful. I can do things that help people and I think that is really important. Then, when you add that it is for kids, it makes it even better. As you know, KISS does a lot of work with wounded soldiers and it is amazing being able to help them whenever we can.

MM: How does it feel to be a part of such an iconic band?

ES: Although I am not an original member, it really is an amazing feeling. This is a band that people recognize whether they know the music or not. The band is known world-wide; when we travel to Europe, it is just amazing how many people come out to see us. Being with people like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two original members, [makes you] realize that this band transcends generations and really touches people. Well, ultimately, your audience is what helps put you in a positive position. Without a fan base, you have nothing; however, you have to keep yourself there by delivering the music, the shows and the performances.
May 31 2011
Here's a fan-filmed clip of "Shout It Out Loud" and "Rock And Roll All Nite" from KISS' show in Sacramento on Sunday.

May 31 2011
Walk 'N Rock for Hope Productions with KISS

By Deidre Octave

Images by: Marc McLaughlin

Legendary rock band KISS walked onto stage and rocked the crowd Sunday night at Raley Field at a benefit concert for children sponsored by Hope Foundation. As if emerging from Mount Olympus, each of these rock icons entered the stage: Eric Singer, Catman; Tommy Thayer, Spaceman; Gene Simmons, The Demon and Paul Stanley, Starchild.

Opening bands Miles Schon and Big Boss Graffiti set the stage for the magnificent musical journey that was to come. Almost immediately following BBG’s last song, the crowd began chanting, "WE WANT KISS! WE WANT KISS! WE WANT KISS!"

Almost instantaneously after taking the stage, Paul Stanley sang out, "You said you wanted the best band, you got it- KISS!"

They masterfully took their diehard army of rock fans on a musical journey spanning 38 years. From the very first album, starting with “Modern Day Delilah” and culminating with “Let Me Go Rock N Roll,” they performed with the sort of music mastery, pyrotechnics, flames and fireworks that only they could deliver.

The only thing more astounding than their humility, compassion and generosity during meet and greets with fans is their philanthropy. KISS had four MINI Coopers customized to reflect each of their characters and put them up for auction on eBay, all proceeds going to Japan's relief effort.
May 31 2011
Here's a clip of KISS performing "Beth" at sound check in Sacramento.

May 30 2011

Nick Cannon aims for the laughs with the parody video for “Famous,” the Akon-assisted single from his forthcoming album. The comedian-rapper imitates icons including KISS’ Gene Simmons, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and MC Hammer.

Here's the video:

May 30 2011

As Americans we need to remember that the day we see as a holiday is actually a time to pay tribute and remember all the brave members of the Armed Forces fighting on our behalf, facing the ultimate sacrifice daily.

KISS remembers and honors all our brave soldiers lost in all wars and prays for the safe return of all those fighting now.
May 30 2011
Photos by Bret M. for

Check out these great photos of the KISS Army taken at last night's KISS' show in Sacramento.

May 30 2011
Photo by Tom Hopkins - Hope Productions

The KISS ARMY was well represented in Sacramento, California on Sunday, as KISS brought the music, the stage show, and the makeup to the Capitol of California- for the Walk 'N Rock for Kids fundraiser benefit concert. KISS fans poured past the KISS Minis into Raley Field, and rocked the warm summer like evening, enjoying a bombastic spectacle, and supporting a great cause. Kids seemed to be a huge part of the audience, with many of them made up in makeup as their favorite rock heroes.

From Modern Day Delilah to Rock and Roll All Night, KISS filled the baseball stadium with guitars, drums, fire, and smoke. The Walk 'N Rock VIP fund raisers enjoyed up front tables, but everyone in the minor league venue had a great view.

The KISS Minis were parked at the venue's main gate, and later backstage. The stars of Family Jewels- Sophie, Nick, and Shannon- were also present, filming scenes and greeting fans down on the floor.

The show ended with a series of explosions ringing the Sacramento air. The KISS ARMY, especially the young ones present (and who the show was really about), will not forget the show anytime soon.

Modern Day Delilah
Cold Gin
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
Say Yeah
Calling Dr. Love
Shock Me
Tommy/ Eric Jam
100,000 Years
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Rock and Roll All Night

May 30 2011
The Sacramento Bee
By Tony Bizjak / The Sacramento Bee
Photo by Tom Hopkins - Hope Productions

KISS – the thunder rock band with the black-and-white Kabuki faces, 8-inch heels and a style once described as German Panzer – came to town for a benefit concert Sunday night and offered a tongue-in-cheek mea culpa.

They may be to blame for the need to replace the dilapidated Power Balance Pavilion concert venue and Sacramento Kings home court.

"We've played there many times," Paul Stanley said of the arena once called Arco. He grinned. "We're probably one of the reasons that it needs renovating."
May 30 2011
A KISS Mini rolled into Milwaukee this weekend and we stopped by to see it - the Gene Simmons version!

Amanda & Mark

May 30 2011

by A.J. Puckett

Dawson News & Advertiser

PHOTO: Tommie Smith, left, and Cole Pearson pose for a picture with Gene Simmons at Relay for Life. J. Pearson (Gene Simmons) dressed up as the rocker from KISS as part of his team's '70s theme. (Photo/A.J. Puckett)

Before the walking even started at the 2011 Relay for Life event last weekend, the teams and committee had surpassed their $60,000 goal. Event Chairman Jay Walker announced that the group had raised more than $62,000 prior to Friday night.

May 29 2011 / Caller-Times
Fanatic KISS memorabilia collector to auction items for a good cause

By Sarah Acosta
Photo - Todd Yates/Caller-Times

Local Fred Medina fell in love with the band KISS at a young age, and it took him 20 years to collect $30,000 of band memorabilia.

But he is willing to give it all up because of his love for his father-in-law, Ricardo Cruz, and what he did for his daughter.

A member of the KISS Army, the official band fan club, Medina has decided to auction and raffle off his several hundred KISS collectibles Sunday at Brewster Street Ice House to raise money for the Ricardo Cruz Foundation. The organization is helping pay for Cruz's cancer treatments.

Medina said he has had time to cherish these items, and it's now time for others to enjoy them.

"All of these things are replaceable, but my family isn't," Medina said.
May 29 2011
Drum roll....

1: It's been a little over 18 months since the release of Sonic Boom, an album which had the band much sounding much closer to it's trademark 70s sound. How do you see that album now? From your perspective was there anything you though "maybe I should have done that differently" or "I didn't quite nail that"?

SONIC BOOM was really good and was the first step in the right direction for KISS. The newest record we are now working on at this time will show a natural progression from SONIC BOOM to KISS 2011 as you will all hear soon enough.

2: From the outside looking in it seems as though the band is quite early in the stages of preparing the follow up album. In going about the preparation of the album is there a focus on creating an album that follows in the vein of Sonic Boom or is it more of a case of seeing where the band ends up once tracks are 'in the can'?

We are already knee deep into the new record as I write this... All's I can say is you will all be very pleased. The material is stronger and more riff oriented and very hard/heavier style.
Everyone that has heard material so far is raving about the stuff and we are too :-)

3: Has your involvement on the new album been any different to Sonic Boom, or earlier KISS albums?

As a band we are more comfortable and have more time together under our belts now that really shows in our writing, performances etc...
We work out all the material together in rehearsals as a band before we go into the studio. It really makes for better vibes and performance overall.
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