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Jan 16 2013
Excerpted from Binky Philips' story from the Huffington Post

Anyway, a few months later in the early Spring of 1969, I met Stan Eisen from Queens. He wore a slightly odd Prince Valiant hairdo and was a grade ahead of me. We became fast friends when we passed each other in the hallway carrying guitar cases and discovered that we were two of only three guys in Music & Art who owned a Gibson guitar. Murray Dabby, the third Gibson owner, who we befriended a few weeks later, was a ridiculously better guitarist than either me or Stan, and he's now a shrink in Atlanta! Also the smartest of us three as well, obviously. After we graduated, Stan and I stayed in touch.

A year or so after high school, in the Spring of 1972, I bumped into Stan, who introduced me to this imposing giant of a guy with a huge halo of hair outside a Jeff Beck show at the Academy of Music on East 14th St. --later, the world-famous disco, Palladium, and now, NYU dorms.

"Binky, this is Gene Simmons, the bassist in my band, Wicked Lester. Gene, this is the guy I was telling you about who owns the Hiwatt amp." Gene visibly flinched!

Hiwatts were The Who's amp of choice back then and were also completely and totally unavailable in the USA. I'd lucked into literally the ONLY ONE IN AMERICA when I bought it off of Blodwyn Pig, a British Blues band featuring the original and fabulous guitarist of Jethro Tull, Mick Abrahams. From that moment on, Gene, an extremely cocky guy even then, always treated me with respect simply because of that amp, and later, as we became actual friends, because he liked my guitar playing, too. In fact, I wound up his guitarist-of-choice for several of his demos when KISS had become gods (why Gene has never released "Rotten To The Core", I'll never know!). And I'm very proud to report that, years later, Gene's only directive to Ace, according to their engineer, Corky Stasiak, when Mr. Frehley was about to record the solo for "Doctor Love" was, "Do a Binky solo!" and Ace knew exactly what Gene meant and proceeded to cut one of his wildest and best solos ever.

Back to 1972, several months after I met Gene, I got a call from Stan. He announced that I needed to start calling him Paul, please, ("Oh... Okay, Stan") and asked me to come down to a rehearsal of his and Gene's new still-unnamed band. They'd just found a lead guitarist a month earlier and he wanted me to check the whole thing out. Stan, I mean, er, Paul respected my opinion and seemed to be seeking my lead-guitarist stamp of approval.
Jan 15 2013
Check out these great photos from Pollstar's KISS concert photo gallery. The photos were taken by Jason Squires, Adam Bielawski, John Davisson and Jason Moore.

CLICK HERE to view additional KISS live photos at
Jan 14 2013

Feb 28 – Perth, Australia
March 3 – Adelaide, Australia
March 5 – Melbourne, Australia
March 6 - Melbourne, Australia
March 9 – Sydney, Australia
March 10 – Sydney, Australia
March 12 – Brisbane, Australia
March 16 – Mackay, Australia
June 1 - Stockholm, Sweden
June 3 - Helsinki, Finland
June 6 - Solvesborg, Sweden
June 8 - Stavanger, Norway
June 11 - Copenhagen, Denmark
June 12 - Berlin, Germany
June 14 - Prague, Czech Republic
June 15 - Vienna, Austria
June 17 - Udine, Italy
June 18 - Milan, Italy
June 20 - Zurich, Switzerland
June 22 - Clisson, France

CLICK HERE to visit the KISS Tour page for venue information with links to tickets and Meet & Greet packages.
Jan 14 2013

Hello KISSonline!

You never know where KISS will show up! A few days ago, a band in Greece called Onirama had a new song released called "Eutixos trelathika" (translation: Fortunately I got crazy) and in the official music video of this song two comedians pretend to be KISS! Here's the link of the song, hope you enjoy!

Greetings from the Huge Greek KISS Army!


Jan 13 2013
Check out this behind the scenes footage of the crew and KISS preparing to take the stage in Holmdel, New Jersey on 9/22/12. The clip was filmed with a night-vision camera, and the first part of the video is silent because Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" was playing in the amphitheater, and YouTube was blocking the video due to the background audio. Fran Stewart is captured doing the famous "You Wanted the Best" intro before the band breaks into "Detroit Rock City."

The clip was filmed by Keith Leroux.

Jan 12 2013

This is the cover and a few inside pages of the new "KISS in Argentina" Poster Magazine released by Efecto Metal. (Argentina - January 2013)

Thanks to Marcelo García & Diego Ferreyra of KISS Army Argentina, and Alex Menghi for sending the images to KISSOnline!
Jan 11 2013
We recently sat down with Tommy Thayer of KISS to discuss his rise to rock stardom including which guitarists influenced his playing. Tommy also gives us some insider info on his new signature Epiphone Les Paul and the gear he uses onstage.

Coming from your early band Black 'N Blue, could you tell us what it was like the first time you donned the Spaceman outfit and got up on stage as an official member of KISS?

It was a whole new world. Being in KISS onstage is a surreal experience guaranteed to be nothing like any other band. I can attest to that because I've been in other bands. It's a commitment physically in terms of the show, the makeup, the outfits and the boots. Unlike other artists, we start getting ready for our concerts hours beforehand. Being onstage is like being in some kind of apocalyptic, rock & roll fantasy land.. It's definitely different than your average band experience, that's for sure.

Anything going on with your old band Black 'N Blue?

Not a lot. I think they've been doing a few gigs here and there, some of the summer rock festivals.

Now that you have rocked some of the biggest stages in the world, what were some of your early influences as an up and coming musician that directly lead to you being where you are today?

Growing up I was knocked out by guitarists like Ronnie Montrose, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, Steve Marriott, Mick Ralphs, Mick Ronson, Alex Lifeson and Davey Johnstone. I've always been drawn toward guitarists that are great songwriters and great riff writers.

During your time with KISS, is there a favorite city you enjoy playing?

It's always a tough question because no matter where you go in the world KISS fans are insane. I'm serious, it can be Moscow, Tokyo, Sao Paulo or Anchorage, they all go nuts. A really cool thing happened recently. We just completed an amazing tour of South America. In Buenos Aires we rocked River Plate Stadium on November 7th, which was on my birthday. When we came out for the encore they brought out a birthday cake and 55,000 KISS fanatics sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I don't know many people that that's happened to recently.

When you're on the road with KISS, do you guys do any writing or recording of new material? If so, do you bring your own portable studio with you?

If we're working on a new album and we're in that mode, we'll get together in hotel rooms or backstage on occasion to put new ideas together. I'd say that all four of us are very "low-tech" when it comes to electronics or recording gear. These days we use the voice memo function on our iPhones to collect new ideas.
Jan 11 2013
KISS Action Figures Series 3 Complete Set of all 8" and 12" Figures

The tongue-thrusting vampire bassist known as "The Demon" is highly detailed and features 16 points of articulation. The Demon's face paint and stage outfit were derived from KISS's “Sonic Boom” album that was released on October 6th, 2009. His highly detailed legendary style comes complete with his armored chest and arm plates, and extremely detailed dragon platform shoes!

The glittering guitarist and lead vocalist known as "The Starchild" is highly detailed and features 16 points of articulation. The Starchild's face paint and stage outfit were derived from KISS's “Sonic Boom” album that was released on October 6th, 2009. His star-studded style comes complete with his one piece leotard with a star studded style, as well as his iconic platform shoes.

The "Out of This World" guitarist known as "The Spaceman" is highly detailed and features 16 points of articulation. The Spaceman's face paint and stage outfit were derived from the KISS's “Sonic Boom” album that was released on October 6th, 2009. His futuristic style comes complete with his vest and arm cuffs, as well as his atmospheric platform shoes!

This lion-maned drummer known as "The Catman" is highly detailed and features 16 points of articulation. The Catman's face paint and stage outfit were derived from KISS's “Sonic Boom” album that was released on October 6th, 2009. His feline style comes complete with his vest and leather pants, as well as his platform shoes!

Clamshell packaging allows you to open the packaging to see the figure. Each 8 inch figure comes with a commemorative "Sonic Boom" mini 2 X 2 inch album cover! 12 inch Figures comes with a Mini Concert T-Shirt!

CLICK HERE to pre-order for a release date of the third week of January 2013! If you order this along with other items that are in stock, your entire order will wait until all pre-order items have arrived.
Jan 11 2013
THIS WEEK IN TORY 1999 & 2002
This week in KISStory - on both January 11, 1999 & January 9, 2002, KISS appeared on the American Music Awards.

Jan 10 2013
IDW's MARS ATTACKS KISS comic book is available in stores now!
Jan 10 2013

Both versions of the KISS Singles Box Set are now available in the USA. The sets will be released around the world in January.

CLICK HERE to order the 29 seven-inch vinyl Box Set

CLICK HERE to order the 29 CDs Box Set version at Amazon.

Jan 10 2013
Kiss is goofy fun that can be combined with weird things to a sometimes entertaining outcome. Archie Meets Kiss turned out to be a blast. Kiss vs. Lou Gherig’s Disease, not so fun.

So what about Kiss meeting those hyper encephalitic green invaders from Mars?

Okay. Maybe.

Last year IDW had Lovecraft monsters invading all their comics. This year, they have Mars Attacking all their titles. While neither sound like much fun, I am willing to give the Kiss/Mars Attacks crossover a chance. The two books consistently provide tongue-in-cheek fun. Hell, Mars Attacks is a downright hoot.

There’s a chance that this may work.

And it does.

She, the envoy of the Elder (source of all goodness) has a nasty run in with a saucer full of Martians out in space. Down on Earth, Dizz the aged hippy wrestles a band of aliens. Four youths pass by and offer help; in return, Dizz offers them the emblems of the Four Who Are One.

But the Martians intercept the emblems and become the Kiss avatars. The green bastards lay waste to all by evoking powers to turn ordinary poodles into snarling beasts in Kringer to Battle Cat like transformations.

The Kiss foursome, on the astral plane, fights their green skin possessors. The result is an ending you won’t see coming.

The silliness of the issue never devolves into stupidity. There’s a whole lot of fun, but be sure never to take yourself too seriously when reading this issue. No, this comic doesn’t look to be something groundbreaking or serious, but it does want to make you smile and amuse you for a while.

- Carl Boehm
Jan 09 2013
Check out this demo video of the “KISS ALIVE” bonus round from the KISS slot machine.

Here’s a current list of states/casinos with the KISS game as of 1/1/13 – with more going live each week!

- Desert Diamond Casino

- Womack’s Casino
- Riviera Black Hawk Casino

- Foxwoods Resort Casino

- Meskwaki Bingo and Casino

- Delta Downs Racetrack & Casino
- Treasure Chest Casino

- Island Resort and Casino
- Odawa Casino Resort

- Grand Casino Hinckley
New Jersey (Atlantic City):
- Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Nevada (Las Vegas):
- Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
- Cannery Hotel and Casino
- Eastside Cannery Casino and Hotel
- Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
- MGM Grand Hotel Casino
- Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino
- Flamingo Las Vegas
- Paris Las Vegas
- Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
- Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
- Rio Suites Hotel and Casino
- Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino
- Texas Station Gambling Hall and Hotel
- South Point Hotel and Casino

- Cherokee Casino Catoosa

Jan 09 2013
It was thirty years ago that I witnessed my first of twenty-one KISS concerts.

It was at the Wendler Arena of the Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, MI on January 7th, 1983. It was the 10th Anniversary Tour for KISS supporting Creatures of the Night, the last tour that would leave us wondering what these masked-masters of the stage looked like under the greasepaint.

My sister and father went along. Night Ranger was the opening act. I was 10 years old. It was a night that would change my life. The tank, the firing gun touret, the bombs, the ceiling-high flames, the makeup, the thunder and lighting of the greatest rock songs on Earth, what more could any kid want?

Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my life,
Lordd Virgil

Jan 09 2013
With One Week Left to Vote, KISS Leads in Six 2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards Categories

by Dave Lifton

Sticking their proverbial tongue out at all challengers, and barring an uprising from fans of other bands, it looks as if Kiss is in line to be the biggest winner of the 2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards. As of now, with one week left in the voting, the band is ahead in six of the 11 categories.

While it’s never too late for a shakeup as we learned last year, Kiss has the lead in the Artist, Album and Song of the Year categories. But it’s not just the success of ‘Monster’ that is generating votes. They are also winning in the fight for the Commercial, Reissue or Archival Release and Photo of the Year awards.

Elsewhere, Led Zeppelin looks set to also win big, with ‘Celebration Day’ taking the front position in both the Live Album and DVD of the Year categories. Guns N’ Roses are fighting off Kiss and Motley Crue for Tour of the Year (34% to 29%), and the Beatles‘ ‘Stereo Vinyl Box Set’ has 29% of the vote, but is facing challenges from Judas Priest (27%) and Heart (22%) in the Best Box Set award.

Although his only new music in 2012 was a well-received Christmas album, Rod Stewart is likely to win one award. His memoir, ‘Rod: The Autobiography,’ has a solid lead in the Book of the Year category, probably for his revelation that he took cocaine anally.

Voting for the 2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards will end on Jan. 15, 2013 at 11:59PM Eastern. There’s still time to help your favorite bands, records and songs move up and maybe even win — make sure to vote!

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