5 things we learned at the first KISS Expo in Tokyo

by Eleanor Goodman / Team Rock

The first official KISS Expo launched in Tokyo, Japan, last week, and Metal Hammer was invited along to check it out.

An unassuming poster marks the door to the Kiss Expo, which leads into a shopping mall in Harajuku. We take the lift to the fifth floor, walk past some boutiques selling women's knitwear and frilly blouses, and enter a hidden world of Kiss memorabilia. Tellingly, the first item on display is the band's formation contract from 1976, promising each band member 25% of the band's revenue. Then there are gold discs aplenty, a selection of historic and smashed guitars, the infamous Kiss Kasket, a video showing Gene Simmons with X Japan mainman Yoshiki, and studded costumes from throughout the years – though sadly, the mannequins are not anatomically correct. "Kiss are sexy – we need to go to the sausage shop!" jokes Mark Stroman, one of the brains behind the event.


Comic Book Review: KISS #1

By Eric Shirey / www.ersink.com

Aside from onstage brandishing their instruments amidst a backdrop of explosions, fire, and smoke, there's no place more appropriate for KISS to be at home than starring in their own comic book. Amy Chu's KISS #1 is proof that there are still creative channels to travel down for Starchild, the Demon, the Spaceman, and the Catman even after several previous comic book adventures through Marvel, Dark Horse, Platinum Image, IDW, and even Archie Comics. Her tale of mysticism and science fiction picks up the perfect amount of momentum in the first issue to keep readers interested in coming back for more.

KISS #1 opens in a futuristic world without sun and a world without heroes. Four young friends embark on a dangerous mission - to uncover the truth about the mysterious Council of Elders and their underground home, the city of Blackwell. But first they need some help from the past...

Amy Chu pens KISS #1. Kewber Baal provides the striking art.

KISS #1 is rated T+ for Teen Plus. I'm really not entirely sure why. There's less here than we see in any of the mainstream DC Comics titles. I guess we'll see how things unfold in issue #2.

KISS #1 is available now in print and digital editions.



Military vets met Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley of KISS at Corona Rock & Brew opening

The two KISS band members help honor veterans and open new restaurant

By MARK MUCKENFUSS / Press Enterprise

Photos by STAN LIM

Some local veterans got brushed by celebrity -- a kiss if you will -- on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Corona’s new Rock & Brews restaurant.

Kiss band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, co-founders of the restaurant chain, were on hand to celebrate the grand opening of the restaurant. The event began with a luncheon for veterans that filled nearly every seat in the house. The salute to the military has been a part of every Rock & Brews opening, Simmons said. There are 19 restaurants in the chain.

“Free lunch and free Kiss, are you kidding?” said Mike Ryan, 68, an Air Force, Army and National Guard veteran from Alta Loma. Ryan, who served from 1966 to 1974, stood in a line of about 200 people outside the establishment before the event began.


KISS COMIC #1 – In Stores Today!

Story from www.outrightgeekery.com

KISS #1 – Advanced Review

Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Kewber Baal
Colorist: Schinerys Baal
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Kiss are back in comic book form with Dynamite comics. Kiss have a long history with comics with their first debut in 1977 with Howard the duck #12. Over the years many publishing houses have produced a Kiss title. These include Marvel, Image, Dark horse. With Dynamite owning the mantle what do they bring to the table?

This series takes place 500 years into the future, centuries after the great war destroyed society and the planets surface. Humanity did survives in a subterranean city of Blackwell, which appears to be regimented. We meet four kids, led by twins Eran and Noa, who are on the edge of conforming to society. Not believing all the stories and in possession of a ancient map. A journey begins with the hopes of learning the truth.

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