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Aug 25 2013

Thanks to Paul Savard ‏for sharing this photo of KISS painted on a ride at the Caledonia County Fair in Vermont.
Aug 24 2013

Saw this while reading the paper today!! LOL.

Deborah L Slater
Aug 24 2013
LA KISS will join the Arena Football League in spring 2014

By Ryan Reed

Nothing says football like face paint and hard rock riffs, so it's about time Kiss got into the gridiron game. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have bought their own Arena Football League expansion team, the Anaheim-based L.A. Kiss, which will participate in the league's 2014 season, ESPN reports.

Simmons tells ESPN that buying the franchise was a logical move, given the similarities between a high-intensity football game and a crazy Kiss show.

"As a fast-paced, high-action band, this partnership with the AFL was an obvious fit for us," Simmons said. "Attending an L.A. KISS game in 2014 will be similar to a live Kiss show, with thrilling, heart-pounding action."

L.A. Kiss will use the band's glammy, iconic logo, and season ticket-holders will be treated to a free Kiss concert. But, as Simmons and Stanley emphasized to USA Today, L.A. Kiss won't simply function as a cheap band promotional tool.

"There's been a lot of attention to detail, to nuances, so that people don't think this is a rock band in football helmets," Simmons said. "This is real football, and this is good for the game."

"We wouldn't put L.A. Kiss on a football helmet if we didn't believe we could kick it out of the park," added Stanley.

The upcoming AFL season kicks off in March.
Aug 24 2013
KISS Hello Kitty potato chips have been released in Italy by Preziosi Food.

Thanks to Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi for sharing the image!
Aug 24 2013
Concert cruises where you can mingle with rock stars

By Elissa Richard | Compass

The KISS Cruise photo: Will Byington

From KISS to Kid Rock, Matchbox Twenty to Weezer (and many more in between), chances are that one of the coming year’s concert-themed cruises will really float your boat. With several concert cruise promoters in tune with the wants of rock ‘n’ roll fans, cruise-goers can now listen to chart-topping bands while charting the seas.

Best of all, with rates as low as $500, some of these cruise getaways are priced for a song. Bookings as far out as April 2014 are available.

The KISS Kruise III
Dates: Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2013
Rates: From $1,000/person

Sailing a four-night route (Miami to Key West to the Bahamas) aboard the Norwegian Pearl, The KISS Kruise III comes headlined by KISS for a fitting Halloween cruise with one of rock ‘n’ roll’s best-costumed bands. From their full-blown concerts to “un-masked” acoustic deck shows to band-hosted onboard activities and group Q&A sessions, you’ll get plenty of face time with KISS themselves. Plus, expect quirky extras like a KISS-themed vow renewal ceremony and theme nights (like a BYOW—bring-your-own-wig—party), all capped off by a KISS look-a-like costume contest on Halloween night. The event is put on by concert cruise promoter Sixthman.
Aug 23 2013
by Jim Johnson

The larger-than-life personas of rock-n-roll icons KISS have always naturally lent themselves to treatments as comic book characters, and in the all-ages "KISS Kids" #1, it turns out they lend themselves pretty well to reinterpretation as pint-sized partyers who can rock-n-roll all night -- or at least until bedtime. As reimagined by writers Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz, and humorously drawn by Jose Holder, KISS can now be described in a manner that few if any have described them before: cute and funny.

Publishers have made KISS comics for decades, to varying levels of success. The more successful incarnations were those that were aptly handled by capable creators who "got" what the band is about, while others suffered by writers who didn't and took the concept way too seriously. Ryall and Waltz find that middle ground; they understand and use the basic essence of each of the four characters as a springboard to a comedic set of kid-like adventures, and, well, that's about it. They're still KISS, but they still have to go to school and endure evil babysitters just like all the other kids. It's a much lighter and looser interpretation that doesn't feel compelled to make all kinds of contrived, obligatory references to the band's songs and character traits that past efforts have.

In fact, this take on the franchise allows for clever play on some of the band's song and album titles, like a shoe store called "Carnival of Soles." It's a lighthearted, almost self-parodying kind of humor that's been completely absent in any past comic that's been blessed by the group, and this lighter approach makes it a lot more welcoming to readers who might have been less than thrilled by past KISS comics. One of the quartet in particular, "Spacey", in a take-off of Ace Frehley's "Spaceman" persona, seems especially victimized by this self-parody when the writers take the intended meaning of his moniker, that of a literal man from space, and changing it to the more self-deprecating meaning of being forgetful and loopy. It's all in good-natured fun, although the ex-communicated Frehley might not think so, if he were to ever see this. It would only seem odd to fans already familiar with the other band members' caricatures, as kiddie versions of the remaining three; Starchild, Catkid, and Li'l Demon; are straightforward conversions from their adult counterparts.
Aug 23 2013
The Daily Buzz, one of the largest morning programs in the country, hit the red carpet with KISS at ArenaBowl XXVI!

Lisa Chats with KISS!

Aug 23 2013

Thanks to Randy Turco for sharing this photo of the University of Minnesota's Golden Gophers Mascot - Goldy Gopher!
Aug 22 2013
Kent French takes a look at the newest Arena Football League franchise, the LA KISS, coming to Honda Center in 2014.

Aug 22 2013
Photograph by: Wayne Cuddington , Ottawa Citizen

Grab the facepaint, KISS is coming to the Saddledome on Nov. 8.

The rockers had been booked to play Calgary on July 13, but the flood damage to the Dome cancelled that event.

Tickets purchased for the original date are valid for the November show for the same seats indicated on the ticket.

For ticket holders who cannot attend, refunds will only be available through Ticketmaster until Sept. 5, 2013.

At this time, approximately 4,000 tickets for the concert have been re-released and are on-sale via Ticketmaster starting at $59 (plus applicable fees and taxes.) Tickets will become available as they are refunded.

Other cancelled Stampede shows that have now been rescheduled include the Dixie Chicks (Oct. 31) and Tim McGraw (Nov. 2), with the only one remaining being a concert by Carly Rae Jepsen.

For more information visit

Aug 22 2013
Calgary – The Calgary Stampede and Stampede Concerts Inc. are pleased to announce a rescheduled date for the Stampede Concert Series. On Friday, November 8, KISS will take the stage at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

Following the flood, Stampede Concerts Inc. worked hard with KISS to reschedule the show and ensure fans had an opportunity to enjoy the concert.

Tickets purchased for the original date Saturday, July 13 are valid for the November 8 show for the same seats indicated on the ticket. For ticket holders that cannot attend the November 8 date, refunds will only be available through Ticketmaster until Saturday, August 31.

At this time, approximately 2,800 tickets for the concert have been re-released and are on-sale via Ticketmaster starting at $60.00 (plus applicable fees and taxes.)

Stampede Concerts Inc. continues to work to reschedule the other concerts that were part of the Stampede Concert Series.

For more information visit

Aug 22 2013
by: Chris Alexander

Last year, FANGORIA published the official KISS Monster Magazine (issue #1 is still available in our store here, while the 3D issue #2 is sold out) and it’s no secret that this writer/editor is obsessed with but two things: horror movies and yes, KISS. It was a fixation that locked in preschool, and it was seeing Gene Simmons with fangs, leather, metal and bat wings on the cover of 1977’s LOVE GUN that drew me to Dracula. After the swoon of discovering garish and bloody perversions of gothic horror ebbed, I later fell in love with KISS’ patented brand of trashy 70’s rock n’roll and it’s that adoration of Paul Stanley’s scream and Simmons’s stomping, spitting persona that I’ve carried with me and will keep close to my heart until I die, whenever that may be.

And though I swear I know everything about the band—I’ve written about them extensively, and have met them all on multiple occasions—I’m really just an amateur compared to some. Compared to Ken Sharp, I’m positively Cro-Magnon. Sharp has been interviewing KISS (and many other noted classic rock figures) and putting pen to page about their ever-morphing legacy for three decades-plus and along with writer David Leaf, wrote the official authorized KISS biography BEHIND THE MASK a decade ago—a tome widely recognized as the most thorough collection of KISSstory facts yet published. This September, Harper Collins is publishing Sharp’s latest investigation into the band’s legacy with NOTHIN’ TO LOSE: THE MAKING OF KISS (1972-1975), created in collusion with Simmons and Stanley. And man, is it an epic.

The book indeed charts the salad days of Simmons, Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. From the first meetings of a hirsute, heavy and arrogant Simmons (then Gene Klein) and the scrappy teenage Stanley (then Stanley Eisen), to their session time at NYC’s Electric Lady Studios while sculpting the KISS prototype band Wicked Lester, to their first ill-attended gig at the Coventry nightclub, this is in essence a sex and fantasy soaked story of the American Dream trying desperately to turn its motor over and eventually succeeding beyond all expectation.

Sharp’s task with this book is not an easy one. Serious fans of the band have heard the narrative arc of KISS’ rise before. Of Gene’s love for horror movies and comic books defining his physical presence and worship of Paul McCartney informing his evolving “walking bass” style. We know of Paul’s unfettered addiction to Led Zeppelin. Ace’s mis-matched sneaker demeanor and sci-fi tinted outlook. Peter’s “dirty livin” and love of Gene Krupa. It’s all here; their Alice Cooper influenced experiments with make-up design and shocking, cinema-stained stage antics, the flop of their first three albums even while concert arenas were selling out, the climactic release of their game changing 1975 monolith ALIVE! and all the feast, famine and post-60s excess in between.
Aug 22 2013
Tommy Thayer adds a KISS of community spirit to fundraiser

Written by Jason Vondersmith

Tommy Thayer never tires of putting on the makeup, donning “The Spaceman” ensemble, playing the classics nightly and touring seemingly every year with an American institution, rock band KISS.

The lead guitarist Thayer, 52, gets excited for any performance, whether it be in Winnepeg, Manitoba, or Tokyo’s Budokan arena.

“You can never forget how fortunate you are to walk up on stage before 14,000 people,” the Beaverton native and Sunset High graduate says. “With this band and its amazing history, great persona and characters and show, how can you lose sight of how great that is? We’re flying on private jets and staying at Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. ...”

KISS celebrates its 40th year together next year, and Thayer has played alongside juggernauts Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for the past 11. We’re talking epic longevity for one of the hardest-working groups in music.

“It’s a lethal, viable, legit rock ‘n’ roll band, and we’re playing just as big of shows as ever,” he says. “It’s extremely rare for a group like KISS to continue for 40 years. I can count the number of bands on one hand who’ve done that. We’re playing arenas and stadiums and selling out, with an onslaught of new kids following us. It’s multigenerational. It’s like a tribe.”

But, Thayer, who lives in suburban Los Angeles with wife Amber and maintains another residence in Cannon Beach, has never forgotten his roots. The son of a successful businessman and a musician mother, Thayer serves on the board of directors of Pacific University in Forest Grove.

A rural private college and a hard-rockin’ guitarist? Yeah, it’s an odd match, as Thayer has dutifully helped the Washington County school raise funds for athletics through his Legends event and golf tournament. The golfing part has been shelved for the year, as Legends leans on the musical aspect with another star-studded lineup for the dinner-auction-concert fundraiser, Sunday, Aug. 25, at Waverley Country Club in Portland.
Aug 22 2013
Here's Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer backstage before KISS' Amway Center show in Orlando.

Photos by Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.
Aug 22 2013

A Gene Simmons wannabe entertained the crowd on Independence Pass during the bicycling race Tuesday.

Photo by Bob Ward/Special to The Aspen Times.
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