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Nov 06 2013
Nothin' to Lose: The Making of KISS
by Ken Sharp with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
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Released on September 10th, 2013, "Nothin' To Lose: The Making of Kiss 1972 - 1975" joins an already long list of previously published books dissecting and examining the history of the rock group Kiss. This one immediately jumps to the top of the stack as one of the best.

Exhaustively researched and written by accomplished rock writer Ken Sharp (along with Kiss co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley), this 550 page book is absolutely crammed with an incredible amount of detailed information on just the first few years of the bands existence. This is a thorough documentation of the formation of the band and how they, along with a supporting cast of financially supportive management, dedicated record company people, and a loyal, hard working road crew, kept pushing along, going from being just another weird, obnoxious New York City club band, working their way up to becoming nationally touring arena headliners in a span of just over three years.

The book cuts off around the end of 1975, shortly after the release of their breakthrough double live album "Alive!" and just as the band were beginning to ride their first real wave of superstardom. These are the earliest chapters of an adventure that would only become more over the top and more successful than any of them could have ever imagined as the 1970's wore on. The adventure still continues to this day, 40 years later, with the band finally being nominated for induction to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame class of 2014 earlier this week. Whether or not they get in this time around is another story altogether.
Nov 06 2013
Here are the other two alternative covers of the upcoming KISS KIDS Issue #4.
Nov 06 2013
KISS Kruisers, did you save the stickers you received as you disembarked KISS Kruise III last week? Check out the back of each sticker -- it contains a secret message. Decode it for a special web video preview of next year's Kruise!

There are four different icon stickers (Starchild, Catman, Spaceman and Demon) and four different videos to view.
Nov 05 2013
Re-scheduled show this Friday

The wait is almost over! KISS with rock the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary this Friday!

The KISS concert originally scheduled for July 13th has been rescheduled to this Friday, November 8th. Tickets purchased for the original date are valid for the November 8th show for the same seats indicated on the ticket.

Visit for more information.

Nov 05 2013
DETROIT, MI- Ford Motor Co. on Tuesday unveiled a custom 1956 Ford F-100 at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show with help from KISS front man Gene Simmons and his wife, actress Shannon Tweed.

The Shelby Mustang-inspired pickup truck -- named “Snakebit” – features 20-inch rear wheels, a Ford Racing supercharged 5.4-liter V8 estimated at 550 horsepower and custom wheelbase, headlights and sequential taillights.

“That’s what I call hot,” Simmons said as the vehicle was unveiled to KISS’ "Rock And Roll All Nite.”

The interior of the metallic gray pickup features handmade panels and two-tone leather. The knobs on the leather-wrapped dash are custom, as are the armrests. The leather bench seat is contoured to match the look of a Shelby Mustang interior.

Snakebite will be auctioned next year by Barrett-Jackson, with proceeds going to help fund a children’s hospital in Tweed’s hometown in Canada.

Simmons said he wants the vehicle to auction for at least $1 million. The legendary bassist even joked that he’d do everything for the winning bidder --from cooking dinner to signing the vehicle and spitting blood in the backseat.

“I’ll do anything you want,” Simmons said. “I want a million bucks for that.”

The project, according to Ford, was originally conceived by Tom Foster, president of Saskatoon-based customizer Industrial Machine & Manufacturing, as a team-building exercise that could help raise funds for a new children’s hospital. Called Wheels of Dreams, the project to design and build the custom truck was funded by the Ford dealer association in Saskatchewan.

The pickup is one of 57 custom vehicles Ford has on display at its 27,000 square-foot exhibit at the 2013 SEMA Show, which continues through Friday in Las Vegas. Last year, more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers attended the show.
Nov 05 2013
Famed rock photographer Ross Halfin was aboard the KISS Kruise III last week, and he shot some incredible photos of the band! He also blogged about the experience. Here's an excerpt:


I've been in Florida and the Bahamas on the Kiss Cruise, my first time ever on a cruise ship. My accommodation was rather nice in a private bit with the band at the top of the ship which I must thank Paul Stanley for. We left Miami, which I found odd - doing customs there and not getting on a plane. It was spectacular leaving port at sunset looking down at a blue sea with Miami fading in the distance.

The Gods Of Thunder put on a good show, playing a set list selected by fans - Ladies In Waiting, The Oath, Let Me Know etc. Strange to see Kiss on a low stage with no pyro, no explosions, no blood, but they played great. If you see Kiss live you can't not like them. It was a strange sensation watching Kiss and feeling the ship list from side to side in a ballroom. I was having visions of the Posidon Adventure. The first time I have ever watched a band play with the stage rocking like a seesaw.
Nov 05 2013

Here are photos of KISS Army Naples and the greatest KISS Italian Cover Band "Dressed To KISS" celebrating Halloween with an incredible "KISS Party" !!!

Best wishes and greetings from Italy!

KISS Army Naples loves you !!!

Salvatore Ferretti
Nov 05 2013
Here are two of the four alternative covers of KISS KIDS #4.
Nov 05 2013
Here's the cover of the upcoming KISS KIDS Issue #4.
Nov 05 2013
Last night’s (November 3) episode of The Simpsons was one for the ages. Titled “Four Regrettings And A Funeral,” it featured one of the show’s most epic “couch gags” ever, an understated and sweet goodbye to longtime character Mrs. Krabappel, and a pretty hilarious reference to “The Hottest Band In The World.”

“Four Regrettings” saw four characters — Homer and Marge Simpson, Mr. Burns and news anchor Kent Brockman — look back on their lives and consider the questionable choices they’ve made. Mr. Burns let the love of his life slip away because he couldn’t take her advice to think about others for five minutes a day. Homer sold all of his Apple stock to buy a bowling ball. Kent Brockman didn’t follow his former co-anchor Rachel Maddow (appearing as herself) in trading local news for the big time. And Marge Simpson wonders if perhaps she is responsible for son Bart’s rebellious streak, due to — of all things — an unexplained hankering for the music and imagery of KISS during her pregnancy.
Nov 05 2013
Here's Paul and Gene on the cover of the Pizza Magazine, promoting Rock & Brews.

Nov 04 2013
Epiphone Signature Artist Tommy Thayer was in Tokyo recently for a KISS show at the world renowned Budokan arena. When it was announced that Tommy would also be making a personal appearance at Epiphone Authorized Dealer Ishibashi Gakki, tickets for the meet-and-greet sold out in just 5 minutes! Tommy met fans, answered questions, and demonstrated his Epiphone Tommy Thayer "Spaceman" Les Paul Standard signature model. Thanks to Tommy and Ishibashi Gakki for making this event a huge success!

Nov 04 2013
During the KISS KRUISE III, KISS Navy members John and Jamie Downs presented Gene with a plaque commemorating the Smithsonian National Museum of American History's acceptance of a Gene Simmons Axe bass into their collection.

The Smithsonian Museum's statement reads, in part: "The bass will now be cared for in our permanent collections... We are happy to include the Axe bass as it relates to the impact Mr. Simmons and his band KISS have had on American culture, especially in the creation of a unique and iconic brand that has been embraced by fans worldwide."

"The story of Mr. Simmons' American experience deserves to be preserved. An immigrant and son of a holocaust survivor, he used creative vision and entrepreneurial acumen to make a significant impact for our nation's popular culture, becoming an iconic figure in American music and entertainment."

Watch the video below:

Nov 04 2013
I wanted to share these pictures with you of Jacob Quackenbush who goes to school with my kids and has since grade school. He's only 15 and on August 21st, he collapsed on the soccer field at school of a heat stroke, was life lined to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and was put on life support. He had multi-system organ failure and was bleeding internally.

We all rallied around him with our battle cry "QuackStrong" and he has made such an amazing comeback, that he got to celebrate Halloween dressing up as Gene, while still in his hospital bed! I didn't even know he was going to dress like Gene until I got home from the KRUISE and his Mom sent me these pictures! He's a drummer and was just starting to get strong enough a week ago to practice with his practice pad in his hospital bed.

Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing and hearing about this miraculous young man! Thanks again for the FANTASTIC KRUISE!! Who knows, maybe if he's strong enough, Jake can make it to next years KRUISE! Thanks for listening!

Stephanie Lutes
Nov 04 2013
Thanks to Darran Crowther for sharing his great KISS Kruise tattoos with us!
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