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Mar 07 2014

There’s not much that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley do quietly.

Ever since the KISS rockers introduced themselves as the new owners of an AFL expansion franchise at ArenaBowl XXVI Media Day last August, the LA KISS have dominated Arena Football headlines.

The rock star owners have toured the talk show circuit, promoting the return of pro football to the Los Angeles market. The team made very public overtures towards a certain southpaw quarterback whose name evokes what can only be described as a 21st century Beatlemania furor from all forms of media. The KISS franchise will even star in an upcoming docu-series on AMC.

Before even hitting the field, it’s already clear that the LA KISS is bringing Arena Football into a world of spectacle and entertainment the likes of which it has never seen before. But with all the hoopla and fanfare about reality shows and celebrity sightings, one thing seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.
Mar 07 2014
On this day in KISSTORY - March 7, 2013, KISS perform "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Hell Or Hallelujah" live on The Footy Show in Australia.

Mar 07 2014
Check out these great KISS birthday cakes! Thanks for sharing your birthdays with KISS!
Mar 06 2014
Mosey over to Maui and go rockin' down the Hana Highway! Like Rock & Brews Paia on Facebook and be the first to know about the specials, promotions and events we have planned to celebrate the newest addition to the Rock & Brews family!
Mar 05 2014
Rock Legends Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Bring an Arena Football Team, LA KISS, to Anaheim—and They're Already Winning


Photographer: Rickett & Sones | Photo Retouching: Gigantic Squid | Design: Dustin Ames

The first week of January is supposed to be slow on the Santa Ana College campus: no students, no classes, just maintenance workers, administrators and the stray professor. That meant it was the perfect time for the LA KISS, the newest franchise of the Arena Football League (AFL), to unveil its quixotic campaign toward pigskin relevancy—or at least a great payday for everyone involved.

Around 9 a.m. on a clear, chilly morning, hulking figures methodically make their way onto a soccer pitch transformed into a 200-foot-by-85-foot, arena-football-regulation field—about half the size of a standard gridiron. As players wearing team-issued orange shirts and black shorts head onto the field, multiple camera operators stand by the entrance, capturing their every move. They graciously smile and acknowledge the non-team personnel while stretching and preparing for morning practice.

What they don't know is that on this day, the men who sign their checks—and will draw more attention to them than the average AFL player can ever hope to experience—plan to address them.

Suddenly, the players' attention shifts to a gentleman sauntering onto the field. He has long, flowing black hair and is wearing a leather jacket and jeans. After exchanging handshakes with several execs, he looks at his watch.

"Where's Gene?" KISS founding guitarist/singer Paul Stanley asks his manager/co-owner Doc McGhee.

"Soon," McGhee responds.

"That's right—he drives like an old lady," Stanley adds before the two share a laugh.

Finally, Gene Simmons, the legendary KISS bassist/singer, arrives. He parks his black Lincoln Navigator at the adjacent lot and hustles—clad entirely in black—onto the field so that practice and filming can finally commence. There's chatter, but some of the players don't recognize the rock icon without his trademark Kabuki makeup and rock-god stage attire.
Mar 05 2014

Saw this in the newsagents his morning, another front cover!

Rui Regodeiro
Melbourne, Australia
Mar 05 2014
By Matthew Wilkening

Four Kiss fans in Montgomery, New York say they were sent home from their high school’s ‘Senior Celebrity Day’ yesterday for donning makeup and dressing up as the Demon, Space Ace, Starchild and Catman.

Dylan Schoonmaker, one of the young men in question, says the foursome — decked out in wigs, leather jackets and the famous Kiss greasepaint — were told their costumes were “not appropriate.” To which we say, “We’re not gonna take it!” Oh wait… wrong band!

Apparently school officials decided the outfits presented a security risk since they rendered the students unrecognizable. Schoonmaker says they offered to wear name tags or their school IDs but were rebuffed. “Girls wear makeup everyday, how is that any different from what we did?,” he asks with tongue firmly planted in cheek. “Just because we had kick ass designs?” Luckily, the boys made the best of their unexpected free time, hitting up a local International House of Pancakes, where they mistaken for a real rock band and asked to sign autographs.

Based on a Twitter post re-tweeted by none other than Gene Simmons last night, it would seem the parents of at least one of the youngsters stands firmly behind their son in this matter.
Mar 05 2014
Here are some of the many great fan photos sent to KISSOnline recently!

Keep them coming, KISS Army...we love seeing them!
Mar 05 2014
Article by Lena Katz / Sr. Travel Correspondent | JustLuxe

Guess which rock stars co-founded Rock & Brews, a family-friendly brewpub chain? Here's a hint for you: It’s their first foray into the restaurant industry, but they’ve been business moguls for quite a while.

It’s Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS! If you didn’t guess, don’t feel bad. Although KISS-branded merchandise has been wildly successful for decades, the two finally decided to “celebrate the concept of rock” in this new venture, with their own identity being just one part of the whole.

Besides being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and debuting a brand-new reality show, they’re rolling out Rock & Brews in fan-friendly cities around the country in 2014. And clearly, they're having some fun with the promotion.

“Fan-friendly” might not mean the markets you’d guess. Instead of choosing tourist hot-spots, the Rock & Brews team looked for locations that had, over the years, been the best on the concert circuit — rock-loving cities full of faithful fans. After putting down roots in the Los Angeles beach cities of El Segundo and Redondo Beach, they are now opening in Albuquerque and Kansas City this year.

And of course, Hawaii, because owning your own bar in Hawaii is living the dream. But you won't find a Rock & Brews in Honolulu or any ritzy resort. Instead, visitors to Maui’s up-country hippie village Paia will have a new place to get pizza, burgers and 52 different beers (one for every week of the year).

“It’s a community within a community. It has a charm and artistic personality that resonates with us,” explains Paul Stanley.

The interiors are full of exciting music posters and art prints, all thanks to brand partners Dell and Dave Furano (who have been rock ‘n roll merchandising moguls since the 1960s). With access to an incredible archive of iconic art and photography, the interiors “look back at a fertile era of music history." Iconic posters of Pink Floyd, John Lennon and the Police are mixed with many different KISS pieces. A laid-back, multi-generational vibe is achieved with the help of fifth partner Michael Zislis, a Southern Californian restaurant/bar owner.
Mar 05 2014
Everyone knows KISS. What most people do not know, however, is that the band’s drummer, Eric Singer, is a dyed-in-the-wool watch collector. Indeed, he is particularly fond of the Fifty Fathoms, the legendary timepiece by Blancpain.

In 1991, Eric Singer replaced Eric Carr – who had been diagnosed with cancer – as KISS drummer. However, Singer only became a permanent member of the band in 2001. Meanwhile, in the 1990s, he took part in the adventures of various legendary bands. Eric Singer specialises in hard rock and collaborated with artists such as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Brian May, Queen, Lita Ford, Gary Moore and Avantasia. Other than having a passion for music, he is an informed watch aficionado to the point of being found in the halls at Baselworld learning about new timepieces.
Mar 05 2014
Hi KISSonline,

What's up....?! Hope all is cool.... we just wanted to let you know something we did recently which is really cool...Dressed to KISS tribute band from Rome, Italy celebrated 20 years by flying to New York and recreating the infamous Dressed to Kill cover on the same street 23rd and 8th avenue! We were invited to the Beatles 50th anniversary to play at the Bitter End Club on Bleecker. Check out the video below too..we would really appreciate it.

Dressed to KISS
Mar 04 2014
by Brad Tolinski

It’s no insult to the band to say that Kiss have always been about window dressing.

For years the members hid their true identities behind cartoon personas and hard rock anthems that were powerful and exciting, but did little to reveal the men behind the music. Kiss is undeniably good fun, but if you’re looking for deep insight into the human condition or deep emotional catharsis, there are other musical avenues to investigate.

That’s why guitarist Paul Stanley’s new autobiography, Face The Music: A Life Exposed (HarperOne), comes as such a surprise. After years of carefully maintaining his Starchild superhero identity, Stanley lets down his guard and unleashes a torrent of pent-up feelings that erupt and flow over 400 pages like molten lava.

Starting with his genuinely disturbing childhood, and continuing with the difficulties he’s had with various band mates over the last 40 years, the guitarist spares no one—including himself.
Mar 04 2014
Mar 04 2014
Mar 04 2014
Tommy and Amber Thayer with Robby Krieger, Pamela & Danny Seraphine at Patrick Warburton's St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Fundraiser.
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