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Jul 06 2014
Here's Gene and a fan having fun at yesterday's KISS meet & greet in Irvine.
Jul 05 2014
By Josie Becker

KISS rocker Paul Stanley, one half of the ownership behind Rock & Brews, was on hand at the StubHub! Center as the growing brewpub chain with a music theme opened its fourth Los Angeles location. The company began with a flagship beer garden in El Segundo two years ago, and has been aggressive in expanding its beer and wings with rock music concept.

For the media preview we were given a sample of the buffalo wings and asian wings, a giant Bavarian pretzel, and garlic cheese fries. The garlic fries were great, and the pretzel came with a nice sweet mustard. The buffalo wings were medium on the hotness scale, while the asian wings were a sweet contrast. We were given a Shock Top Belgian style wheat-ale to wash everything down.

Shock Top is pretty much a staple of stadiums wanting to give alternative beer options these days, but Rock & Brews does feature some interesting locals like the Galaxy Defender a Belgian ale from Torrance's Monkish brewing company and a hefeweizen from Golden Road Brewery.

This restaurant is in the stand alone concession stand on the concourse plaza between the tennis stadium and the soccer stadium. Previously that location has been a Pollo Campero, and most recently tried the self-aware Stand 11 which also featured wings and beer.

When the location is fully opened later this month it is supposed to also include a signature burger. From what I tasted, it's certainly above what I expect from concession food. The conversion to Rock & Brews included the installation of TVs and benches along the soccer stadium side, and wrap around rock themed signage including a Doors themed canopy.
Jul 05 2014
Very proud of our first TWO Rock And Brews "venue style" restaurants at StubHub Center Stadium home LA Galaxy AWESOME! - Paul Stanley
Jul 05 2014
By Chris Macias

The Sacramento area got an early taste of Independence Day on Thursday night at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre near Marysville, where KISS cranked through tunes from its 40-year career and detonated enough pyrotechnic booms to rival the fireworks following a Sacramento River Cats game.

Sparks poured down on the stage, and exploding flash pots rattled eardrums during the final chords of “Rock and Roll All Nite.” Smoke bombs, fire — and a bit of fire-breathing as well from Gene Simmons — are, after all, just as important to the KISS concert experience as Les Paul guitars and bass solos that double as an excuse to spit stage blood.

But this kind of bombastic concert experience, coupled with tunes that are tailor-made for throaty sing-a-longs and en masse fist-pumping, have made KISS one of rock ’n’ roll’s most successful bands. This year finds the group celebrating the 40th anniversary of its self-titled debut, plus an April induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Jul 05 2014
Come see how we do fireworks this 4th of July weekend! The first 10,000 fans will receive the limited edition Starchild bobblehead.

Jul 05 2014
By George Varga

Gene Simmons’ third book will be published this fall. Entitled “Me, Inc.,” it is billed as a how-to primer for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“It’s a kind of ‘Art of War,’ army-of-one life and business book, kind of like the ‘books for dummies,’ ” he said.

"I'm duly diligent. I do a better job of balancing my budget than the U.S. government does with its budget. America is in debt for almost $17 trillion. I've never been in debt."

Not even when Kiss was struggling to make it back in 1973?

"I've always had more money than I spent, which is Rule No. One, which is what I'll talk about in my book," Simmons said. "You are your own business."

Is there any business proposition Simmons won’t consider?

“I turn down things all the time,” he replied. “But if you tell someone, ‘I want you to run down Fifth Avenue, naked, at rush hour,’ and they say ‘No, I’d never do that, not for any amount of money,’ well, that’s not true. If I tell them: ‘Here’s a billion dollars,’ they’ll run down Fifth Avenue, naked, all day. It’s all relative; even God passes the hat around.”

Simmons chuckled. “I’m giving you really good stuff!” he crowed.
Jul 04 2014
Here's KISS rocking the Sleep Train Amphitheater in Wheatland, California last night!

Photo by Steve Jennings
Jul 04 2014
We wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th. Let's all remember the meaning of this day and celebrate all the great American heroes who won our independence and those who continue to keep us free.

Paul, Eric, Tommy & Gene
Jul 04 2014

KISS front men Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons today announced plans to expand their family-friendly Rock & Brews restaurant brand into arenas and stadiums, with the opening of their first venue-friendly Rock & Brews at StubHub Center in Carson, Calif., home of the LA Galaxy, this month.

“We spend a lot of time performing in large venues while on tour, and Rock & Brews is a perfect fit for sports and entertainment fans,” said Paul Stanley. “We plan to rock the large venue food and beverage business with a broad selection of international and craft beers and quality American comfort food.”

To celebrate the planned opening of Rock & Brews at StubHub Center, Stanley will sing the National Anthem on July 4, before the LA Galaxy takes on the Portland Timbers, and fans will enjoy a sneak peak at Rock & Brews with the opening of the brand’s beer concession and a sampling of Rock & Brews cuisine.
Jul 04 2014
Here are several fan-shot photos from KISS' show last night at Sleep Train Amphitheater Wheatland, CA,

Thanks KISS ARMY for sharing your photos with KISS!
Jul 04 2014
CLICK HERE to view the entire KISS photo gallery

Photos by Chris Tuite

'70s arena heroes and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees KISS brought their spectacular pyrotechnic-filled summer tour with Def Leppard to the Concord Pavilion Wednesday night.

Jul 04 2014
Thanks to Chris Medek for sharing his KISS 4th of July artwork with KISSONLINE!
Jul 03 2014
Jul 03 2014
KISS takes its 40th anniversary tour to Irvine on July 5 and the Forum on July 8


Kiss could have kept the secrecy that came with the makeup and helped create a larger-than-life image for Kiss.

“I think that certainly in all walks of life in terms of public figures, there is a certain mystique that is gone because everything is known,” Stanley said during a mid-June teleconference interview with a group of reporters. “I think mystique is healthy. And I think to glamorize and fantasize is a good thing. I’m not sure that Kiss could have accomplished what we did initially in this time because (in the ’70s and ’80s) we could make sure that photos weren’t available and the paparazzi didn’t have photos of us out of makeup. We could create this mystique.”

The commercial breakthrough came with the 1975 concert release, the double LP, “Alive.” Featuring the hit “Rock and Roll All Nite,” it opened the door to a string of hit studio albums that continued through 1979’s “Dynasty.” Simmons, in a separate late-June phone interview, said the group could sense that something was happening by the time of “Alive.”
Jul 03 2014
Paul Stanley Says Face the Music is the Most Honest KISS Autobiography Ever Written

By Daniel Kohn

For KISS founding member Paul Stanley, living the past four decades in the spotlight has been the easy part. In his autobiography, Face The Music, is different than many of the rock bios that populate the marketplace. Born Stanley Eisen, the singer/rhythm guitarist reveals his difficult upbringings in New York City and the traumatizing affects of being born with one ear, along with a dysfunctional, unsupportive family. Add to that being called "Stanley the one-eared monster" by the neighborhood children, the rocker was engulfed by insecurities even as his band was selling out stadiums across the globe.

Stanley's book completes the cycle of every original member of KISS penning his own take of what happened during the iconic outfit's formative years, which at this point, is Rashomon-esque. But Stanley's book traces his personal ups-and-downs even as the chaos that encompassed KISS swirled around him and the band hit peaks and valleys along the way. We caught up with the Arena Football team owning rock star shortly before his induction in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to hear about his book, his insight on the band's history and what it feels like to finally be accepted by the rock elite.

You didn't waste any time jumping right into things and setting to the tone with a dark, revealing intro. Why did you decide to start the book off that way?

Because there was no other way to write it. Autobiographies, especially in the entertainment field, notoriously have a tendency to go towards self-congratulatory filler, imaginary accomplishment and stories of dubious factual basis. I had no time to waste to do that. So for years, I had no intention of writing a book. But then I started thinking that my life could possibly inspire somebody else, and could give someone else some hope or reinforcement and I'd like to write a book that my kids could read as they get older to understand what it took for me to become successful. That was the redeeming goal that made me want to write a book. It was the idea of being able to reach out and do something for other people including giving my children a better sense of who I am.
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