December 05, 2009

KISS touts itself as the "greatest rock band in the world." Its army of fans agrees.

For more than 35 years, the New York-formed pyrotechnics kings have ruled the roost of combustible rock.

The Demon, Spaceman, Catman and Starchild stomped out their niche in music history with their larger-than-life live act, which included mile-high platform shoes, greasepaint, elaborate costumes, explosions - and loud, loud, loud rock 'n' roll.

The current KISS tour lineup includes Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Paul Stanley.

"Fans can expect some iconic KISS 'Alive' classics as well as some hits off our new release, 'Sonic Boom,'" said Stanley in a recent press statement.

RIGHT NOW: Read full KISS fan stories from our readers online. Here's a sample:

"Gene Simmons had written some songs while on tour that he wanted to get recorded and booked some studio time at the studio. Long story short, I ended up in an all night session with Gene." -- Paul Hanewinkel, Broken Arrow

"The first word I learned to spell as a child was 'KISS' complete with lightning bolt S's. The second thing I learned to spell was my own name, complete with lightning bolt S. KISS took priority even over my own name!" -- Steven P. Conrad, Tulsa

"My favorite KISS story is actually about my mom. ..." -- Damon Lewis, Owasso

"There they were, side by side, pictures
of us as Kiss and as ourselves including our real names. Our classmates were blown away." Frank Mitchell, Tulsa

"I first became a KISS FAN in 1974, when I bought their eight track tape, because of the cover." -- Benny McClintock, Bartlesville

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