March 20, 2010
They are in! And they are AWESOME!

Gotta love when a plan comes together!

Paul Stanley and KISS fans get a chance to own a true custom CRACKED MIRROR PS KISS Stage Guitar for THOUSANDS less than the USA Custom! A FRACTION of the price! And - the PS1900 Cracked Mirror guitars are unique and simply spec'd out like NOTHING ever done on the Paul Stanley/Washburn front!

This is a Boogie Street Exclusive my friends. The opportunity to get a TRUE Paul Stanley Custom guitar - for under 2000 USD!

BSG worked with Paul directly and the good folks at Washburn to bring a different version of Paul's PS series KISS stage guitar done up in Paul's famous Cracked Mirror design!

These guitars were fully approved by Paul, Washburn and BSG. The hand inlaid GLASS Mirror was designed after Paul's PS2000 USA Custom Shop PS guitar. You know the one. The guitar with the 10,000 USD Retail Cost!

In the best BSG tradition of taking established designs and working with the artist to 'tweak' them - we truly have made an unique and custom guitar.

Totally custom - totally special and totally AWESOME!

The PS1900 Cracked Mirror customs were handmade in Washburn's Indonesian facility. The PS1900 has a 'Bronze' set-in metallic paint scheme. These guitars feature open coil Seymour Duncan USA humbuckers. A JB in the bridge and a '59 in the neck. The fingerboard is in unstained ebony. The body and neck binding is in BLACK. The headstock is unbound. The bridge is genuine USA TonePros. The wiring is USA. The Star Tailpiece and Grover KEYSTONE tuners are USA. The classic Paul Stanley split block inlay starts on the 1st fret as opposed to the 3rd fret.

The Case is a sculptured leather exterior case. It's not a 'gig bag'. It's a leather covered, shaped case with rigid sections and protection bulit into the case. Washburn is also adding in a 2nd protection bonus - a Washburn/Paul Stanley gig bag (not pictured).

There are 25 of these guitars made with Chrome Hardware and 25 made with Gold Hardware. Beyond cool!

Do not miss out! We had considerable preorders and while we do have some left in each hardware color - we do not anticipate they will last long.

Whether you are in the USA or outside the USA - here is your chance to click and buy your part of Paul Stanley guitar history!