May 19, 2010
The Fans Speak! Check out these great comments from the KISS Army... the fans tell it like it is...And like it was!

Photos and letters by the KISS ARMY EUROPE!

Subject: Kiss live in Zurich - AMAZING!
From: Bruno Keller on 05/17/2010

Kiss rocked Switzerland yesterday in Zurich! It was an amazing concert. After over 100 Millions sold Albums and nearly 40 years being on stage, KISS still is the best live performing band in the world! What they offer their fans is totally spectacular, a great experience for young and older people! Sonic Boom over Europe is THE live event 2010!!! Keep on rockin', I love you guys!!!

Subject: Live at the Glasgow SECC - 09/05/10
From: Irish Robbie on 05/14/2010

I have been a big fan of Kiss for the past 22 years, but have never had the opportunity to see you live, until 09 May's 2010 Glasgow show at the SECC. It was well worth the wait for this show, and I have never been as entertained in all my life. The show was pure fun to watch from start to finish, and it was great to see, and hear both the band, and fans give off so much energy, dedication, comittment and respect that you duely deserve. The night was simply just electric, and just when I thought the night could not get any hotter, the amount of fireworks and flames that shot up during most of the set made sure I had that warm feeling start to finish(I was standing right at the front near Gene's general position!). Paul was in fine voice. The band sounded tight, Tommy played brilliantly, Gene was amazing to watch, and was nice to finally see Eric playing live, commanding and directing everything from his drum risers, fantastic stage set. I could go on and on and review the songs and set list but I think many have already done that. I will just generally say the song choices were fantastic, both old and new material, and in many of them it allowed for much band/crowd interaction, and Paul had everyone ecstatic, eating out of the palm of his hand, and Glasgow SECC was in fine voice for the night. Kiss - The best and true entertainers you are, thankyou for a wonderful and most memorable experience, and thanks to everyone who went to the show, who also made this a night I will never forget. Robbie

Subject: KISS in Geneva
From: Antonio Bello on 05/18/2010 on 05/18/2010

Hi Kiss, I'm a very great fan of you from Geneva and I want to give you a big thanks for your last night show. It was the best of the hard rock and the best show. I had a very good time. Antonio

Subject: Wembley 13th May 2010
From: Annelies and Yos on 05/18/2010

Hey guys! Just a quick note to say that your gig on Thursday 13th May was amazing! I took along a gig virgin, and what a show to take him to!! Kiss, you lived up to your explosive reputation, with flames, blood, and swinging over the crowd. It was the best gig we have ever been to!

Subject: Thank you !
From: Virginie Japiot on 05/18/2010

Thank you ! We were in Geneva yesterday ! Our children (11 and 13 years old) were dazzled by this show! Thank you for having put in them stars in eyes! We've many pics to share with you See you soon ! We'll never forget this concert !

Subject: KISS live at Zurich
From: Marisa on 05/17/2010

Hi there.! Thank you for the awesome show at Zurich.! I was there two years ago and now again. It was great and I hope to see you soon. All the best

Subject: First KISS Gig @6!
From: Joshua Caetano on 05/17/2010

Hi there, My name is Joshua and I'm 6 years old! Last night in Zurich, I received my birthday gift; a ticket to see KISS here in Zurich with my parents! It was a really sonic boom to my little ears, but I hope it'll be the 1st of my other KISS concerts! Keep on rocking Josh Caetano Switzerland

Subject: KISS rocked Zurich
From: Melii on 05/17/2010

I was in Zurich yesterday, incredible show, the best gig I've ever seen! love you guys!

Subject: Wembley 12th May 2010
From: Alan Jakubus-Hughes on 05/17/2010

Hey Guys, my girlfriend (who came from Poland to see you) and myself (from Wales) had the pleasure to see you live in Wembley on the 12th of May and as always you rocked the place down to the ground! I'm not going to say the same as everyone else, even though everything that everyone here says, but I'm sure you already know that you are the hottest band in the world and that you rocked the UK to the core! All I really have to say is please don't leave us hanging for another 11 years before you do another UK tour! Hope to see you live again soon!

Subject: KISS Zurich
From: Janis Plateris on 05/16/2010

Hi KISS I wanted to thank you for your awesome concert last night. You are still the best Rock N Roll Band in the World. I also thank you for the great song ,,God gave Rock n Roll to you", because a friend of mine he died this April in the age of 19. and the song was played at his funeral. He was a big fan of KISS. Thank you very much. Janis

From: E4KISS on 05/14/2010

What can I say but Wow what a show, I last saw KISS at wembley arena for the psycho circus tour and that was excellent but years on and a lot older I took my partner to see KISS here on there last night in the UK to see a totally awesome show, which I think just cannot be beaten by any other rock and roll band in the world, My partner stood gob smacked for five minutes a the extent of how good the opening of the show was, I knew it was going to be good as KISS never lets you down and put on a superb show once again. Well done KISS keep rocking for years to come.

Subject: YOU ROCK!!!
From: Paul in London on 05/14/2010

I was at your show on the 12th at wembley and YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! I've always dreamed of seeing you guys live and I cant believe I have, you exceeded all my expectations!! it was a dream come true!! YOU ROCK!! thank you for making my dream come true! Just wish I could of got Paul's autograph lol!!

Subject: Wembley Arena 12/05/10
From: Richard Bowen on 05/14/2010

Totally and utterly converted! Never been a Kiss fan, never listened to the music, only knew of Gene Simmons vaguely. AWESOME SHOW!! The best and most utterly mind blowing concert I have ever been too. Feel that I have missed so much over the last 36 years. (yes I'm 48!!!). Well done chaps, great show, and can I echo a previous correspondence, not a single expletive!! So refreshing, I guess there is no need, the music and the spectacle does all the talking. Please come back to London soon before I start drawing my pension and am wedded to my zimmer frame.