August 02, 2010
My friends - it's here. This is the FIRST commercially available PSV2200B. You know! The USA Custom Shop Washburn Paul Stanley 'V' in deep black - EXACTLY the same one Paul plays live on the Sonic Boom tour!

This is the Summer NAMM 2010 display guitar. It's the first PSV to be made from the USA custom shop that was NOT being sent to Paul. The FIRST is the FIRST!

Paul really, really did an amazing job with this guitar. When this V was being created, Paul conveyed to me in conversation that like his Preacher guitars, Paul wanted to redesign the classic single pickup 'V' which he used and loved in the earlier years of KISS. In this new guitar - there is no question a strong salute back to that 70's guitar but this time around Paul added his own refinements which include a slightly slimmer body and neck profile, his now easily recognizable split block inlay on ebony fingerboard and bright white neck binding and just the coolest 6 in-line reverse headstock. This headstock just 'works' with this guitar. There is no question. And this headstock has a Mother of Pearl inlaid Washburn logo as well as a diamond shaped Paul Stanley custom truss rod cover. Other refinements from the original include just the most amazing white Seymour Ducan custom humbucker, better neck joint and of course - the Paul Stanley vibe!

Just like the PS2000 and the Preacher...this is truly at Paul Stanley designed Signature.

I've had the pleasure to discuss guitars and work with Paul on quite a few projects in the past 5 years and while as of today, BSG's 'stamp' on the Paul Stanley front has been with Paul's Preachers, BSG has planned continued custom work with Paul and PSV. Both on the USA front as well as the Import front.

So that's the story my friends. Take a strong look at this rock and roll masterpiece. KISS fans, Paul Stanley fans and ALL fans of classic rock...this one is truly calling to you!

Eric McKenna

Check Paul's guitar out HERE