October 09, 2010
$30,000 from Minot & Wyo. KISS concerts goes to troops

By ELOISE OGDEN, Regional Editor

When the rock band KISS performed at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot July 24, $1 of every ticket sold for the concert was donated to the CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project.

Laurie Ott, executive director of the CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project, has informed The Minot Daily News the Augusta, Ga.-based project has received a total of $30,366 for the Minot show and the KISS tour's kick-off concert held July 23 at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyo. Minot was the second show of the group's Hottest Show on Earth tour.

"We are so grateful to KISS and their Minot and Cheyenne fans for remembering our troops, and supporting them," Ott said.

"As Paul Stanley (KISS lead singer) has pointed out, a day shouldn't go by when we don't remember what our troops and their families have given up for us, and we need to do all we can to help them. The CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project is dedicated to ensuring those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are not only remembered, but also that they get coordinated care, family reintegration skills and the training and education that lead to employment when they come home. Our troops deserve nothing less," she said.

Ott said KISS' support will be used as seed money for the following projects:

-Establishing transitional housing for soldiers in transition and their families.

-Establishing a retreat center to train more providers and deliver the communication skills couples and families need to reconnect after combat.

-Expanding behavioral health programs to address post combat stress and the psychological wounds of war

"These projects would not be possible without the support and attention that KISS has placed on our community-based model of harnessing all available resources, to include federal, state and community," Ott said.

The U.S. portion of KISS' North American tour ended Sept. 25 in Fontana, Calif.

"I was there at that show where KISS presented an onstage check for $501,018. We anticipate receiving those funds soon," Ott said.

"Again, we cannot say enough about the leadership provided by KISS and their fans in keeping those who serve us center stage. That KISS and their fans not only salute our troops, but are willing to harness their considerable rock star attention and get it focused on wounded warriors and their families speaks volumes about how much they care about our service members and how much they are willing to do to help them," Ott said.

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