November 09, 2010 is your exclusive source for licensed, authentic KISS tour guitar picks, featuring commemorative city tour guitar picks from KISS' Hottest Show on Earth and Sonic Boom Over Europe tours!

And now, KISS Pick World is giving away a guitar autographed by all four members of KISS!

This beautiful Paul Stanley Washburn guitar was autographed by Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, and Gene Simmons backstage in St. Paul, Minnesota during the Hottest Show on Earth tour, and the guitar also features picks from KISS' 2010 European and North American tours.

To enter to win the guitar, or other great prizes, visit and register to win through December 31st! No purchase is necessary to win. But, for each KISS Pick World order you place from the between now and the end of the year, you'll also receive an additional entry into the contest!

First Prize: Band-signed autographed Washburn guitar signed by Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer and Gene Simmons, featuring official KISS guitar picks from the Sonic Boom Over Europe and Hottest Show On Earth tours!

Second Prize: Complete Sonic Boom Over Europe official guitar pick set, featuring Paul, Tommy, Eric and Gene picks from each of the stops on the European tour, plus a bonus pick from each night!

Third Prize: Complete Hottest Show On Earth official guitar pick set, featuring Paul, Tommy, Eric and Gene picks from each of the stops on the European tour, plus a bonus pick from each night!


About KISS Pick World:

Authentic KISS City Tour Picks Only From!

"Forget the white picks! These are the Collectors' Collectibles!" -- Paul Stanley

You rocked with KISS on the Hottest Show on Earth and Sonic Boom Over Europe tours. Now own the ultimate tour collectible - KISS commemorative city tour guitar picks!

Limited-edition KISS city picks were made for each tour stop on both tours featuring the country's flag with the city, date and band member's signature. A 5th, bonus pick was created for each tour stop on both tours as well.

Only a very small quantity of these KISS city tour picks are left from each show and are now available exclusively at

"The custom tour city guitar picks were a special addition to our usual arsenal of KISS picks. We had just a few to throw out onstage each night of the tours. I told my guitar tech to save a couple for me!" - Tommy Thayer

Each pick is limited to a maximum of only 200 made, and they will never be made again! The only remaining picks are the ones that were not thrown out to the crowd by KISS or kept by the band members for their own collections.

To put how limited these picks are in perspective, note that a normal KISS tour pick is produced by the thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands during the course of a tour.

"I love the way these picks look! What a great souvenir from each show. I threw these out every night when we came out to bow before the encore." - Eric Singer

Paul Stanley's guitar tech, Fran Stewart, told us that once people realized how rare these picks were, local crew and stage hands were taking them from the mic stands before KISS hit the stage. The techs then resorted to handing the picks directly to the band members while they were on stage to keep them from being stolen.

Because these picks are in such demand, bootleg versions have been circulating. Be sure to order directly from to guarantee you'll receive an authentic KISS city pick, Only the genuine KISS city tour picks include a bonus KISS Tour Guitar Picks collectible card, featuring a statement of authenticity. These beautiful cards are collectibles in their own rights.

In addition to the commemorative city tour picks, KISS Pick World also has the "common" guitar picks used by the band in stock and ready to ship! was launched to give fans and pick collectors a central place to purchase genuine collectible KISS tour picks without fear of buying fake or bootleg picks.

"Straight from the KISS stage to you...the ultimate KISS Tour guitar picks!" - Gene Simmons

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