December 07, 2010
Dear KISS,

Thank you for making the 18th Annual Veteran Holiday Celebration such a success. We, the KISS Army Vixens, would like to personally thank Eric Singer, Ramsey Sharriff of Live Nation, Keith Leroux, KISS, and Spike.

The VHC is an all volunteer and donation based holiday celebration to honor our American soldiers. The KISS Army Vixens volunteered to work at the event and KISS graciously donated merchandise that brought smiles to many of the vets faces. The one and only Eric Singer worked tirelessly to ensure that we received the merchandise in time for the event. We were honored to have our own "KISS booth" at the party... and thousands of veterans stopped by to take pictures and share their KISS-stories with us.

For many vets, KISS was the first concert they ever attended and we even met the Gene Simmons Family Jewels "butt crack plumber" who couldn't stop telling us how GREAT Gene and his family were. When we were given a designated "KISS booth", Spike helped us decorate it with his personal posters and then entertained the vets with his KISS crew stories. When it was time to hand out the KISS merchandise, we needed a military escort of Marines to assist us with crowd control. KISS was SO very popular with everyone, young and old!

We were immensely moved by these wonderful heroes that risk life and limb to protect our freedom and often return home broken in many ways. It was such an honor to be able to say "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts to these brave men and women. It meant a lot for us to tell the vets how much KISS loves them and supports the armed forces.

KISS Army... please join us in recognizing the sacrifices of the US Armed Forces, past and present. Next time you see a service man or woman, take a moment and acknowledge what they are doing for our beloved country. You'll be surprised at the reaction you get. Many of the vets told us they have never been thanked by anyone... and that's a very sad reality.

If anyone would like to help support this cause, please visit their website at

Thank you once again, KISS, for everything you do to bring awareness to the US military. By the way, we all want to know when you are going on tour again...


The KISS Army Vixens