November 16, 2011
Hello everyone!

As you all know, after my journeys to NYC and Brazil, it was time to jump right into a very exciting Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp because of two factors. First, the Playboy Mansion was where the big event night for the performances would be held, and naturally for me to have Paul Stanley as the headline guest has its significance. I always enjoy jamming and seeing him, and my campers were especially excited as we prepared a medley of KISS hits along with a Van Halen tune.

First day of camp was jamming with all the campers and then I got to work with my band, as we had to play at Guitar Center Hollywood after a few hours of rehearsal. We prepared Strutter and I got a chance to feature my three guitarists.

Guitar Center that night showed off the amazing Gibson ES 335 from Eric Clapton's Cream days, and his famous Fender "Blackie" Stratocaster. To have them up close on display along with one of Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitars, was quite a treat. After that presentation, all the bands played a tune. We did good for Strutter and I knew we would be learning more tunes for the big Playboy Mansion Party performance.

Friday we took apart Deuce, and that was fun listening to some of the different live versions on my iPod to properly hear the parts of the song so my mini guitar army could reproduce that KISS sound. Next we learned Ain't Talking Bout Love, by Van Halen, as one of my guitar players was not only a KISS freak, but a big Van Halen fan. His guitar was white with stripes like Eddie's.

I knew we would do a medley, taking one song into another, and Love Gun was next to learn.
We already knew Strutter so by Friday night we had a medley of 4 tunes. Paul was to visit and sit in with the band on Saturday morning. After some crazy jamming in my room on Friday night, which included Francis, Paul's guitar tech on drums and vocals, I got much needed rest for the big Saturday ahead.

I wake up the next morning and realize, we have the WRONG song to end our set. My band who's name was "Electric Angel" was to perform LAST. My singer picked number 11 out of the hat! So I made the decision while walking my dog Joe, "Shout It Out Loud" will be the closer.
Obviously the pressure was on! I gave out the parts to the band, and we were jamming on it in time to have Paul sit in with our entire set of tunes. Having Paul walk in, plug in an incredible looking Gibson Les Paul Reissue and start Deuce had my campers freaking out!

We played well, and after the 10 minute medley, Paul signed and took photos. I should add my friend Eric Singer came along with Paul to all the rooms, and he surprised me when I first saw him!

Now it was off to the Mansion, and with much anticipation, of course the property is quite beautiful, and you knew this was gonna be a wild party, as soon as the "talent" was showing up. I don't mean the camper bands! There were tons of hot women, everywhere and soon the drinks and food starting coming along with all the guests of the Mansion.

Tours were given, (I will do that next time) friends of mine showed up that I didn't know were on the list, as who doesn't want to see the famous house Hef built an empire from! After a while it was time to get the bands playing, and it was fun to see all the groups perform. Paul Stanley played guitar will all of them, which was fun to see. Eric was hanging by the stage along with Francis, as, well the lingerie girls kept coming on and off the stage there! Some bands had hot chicks getting on stage with them, (reminded me of "Take It Off"!!) and between the bands some girls where modeling awesome lingerie outfits, and also a sweet swimsuit contest!

There was a brief break in the set, and that's when the Grotto was full of naked girls. Nice, and typical Playboy. My girlfriend Lisa and I talked to a few of the models there, and for most of them, it was their first time there... and they loved it as well. Everyone clearly was having a great time at the Mansion, and finally it was time for Electric Angel to hit the stage. We did great, and Paul actually stayed on the stage for the medley as he certainly knew all the tunes.

Of course I was exhausted and after a short counselor jam it was time to get home and rest.
I know it was a big success and I am happy that the Mansion does some special events like the Fantasy Camp. I am sure there will be more in the future.

Thank you to all my friends and fellow counselors who worked so hard on making the camp great, and a special thanks to Eric Singer for coming by and hanging all day and jamming too.

Definitely a camp I will not forget anytime soon!

All the best