March 03, 2012
By Eric Shirey, Yahoo! Contributor Network

IDW Publishing's Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and Senior Staff Writer Tom Waltz announced at Comic-Con last July that they are publishing a new comic book series for the iconic rock group KISS. Being a big fan of the band, I was immediately intrigued to find out what they had planned for the Starchild, the Demon, the Catman, and the Spaceman.

Waltz and Ryall shared with me exclusively what sort of adventures fans can expect to accompany KISS when the book hits shelves.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of what the new KISS comic book series will be about?

Chris Ryall: Essentially, there are two cosmic deities, the Elder (a force for good) and the Destroyer (bad), who have this shaky co-existence. When the Destroyer finds berth into our universe, he sends his forces down to lay waste to our world. But that's really all the backdrop for the stories which focus more directly on the humans who inherit the KISS mantle. The stories will span eons: the first two issues are set in the 1920s, and then we jump to the Dark Ages, back to present day, and beyond. Every two issues will be a new setting inspired by a classic KISS album.

Tom Waltz: Sure -- it's gonna rock 'n' roll all nite and party every day!

Who is the entire creative team behind the new KISS book and what have they worked on in the past?

Ryall: I'm writing the first two issues, and then back again for issues 5-6. My daily role is that of IDW's Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief, but I've also written dozens and dozens of comics, anything from my own creations like "Zombies vs. Robots" and "Groom Lake" to projects done in tandem with Stephen King/Joe Hill ("Road Rage"), Clive Barker ("The Great and Secret Show"), "Transformers," and many others. I also released a prose book about comics, "Comic Books 101," that featured childhood comic-book recollections from esteemed comic folks, Gene Simmons among them.