March 11, 2008

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When it comes to his love of KISS, Adam wants to 'shout it, shout it out loud!' Obsessed with the band since he was 4 years old, Adam's collection of KISS memorabilia -- including bobbleheads, cologne and action figures (not dolls!) -- has completely taken over an entire room of the house he shares with his wife. 'The KISS office serves two purposes,' Adam explains. 'One is for my love and collection of KISS, and the other is our home office where we pay the bills -- usually that's what Stacie's role of the house is, so she goes in there for about five minutes, does what she needs to do and runs away real fast!'

Stacie is supportive of her husband's love of the band, but when it comes to the KISS shrine, she admits, 'It would be nice just to balance it out to where I could have a place where I could spend some time -- to relax, to read -- so we could share the space.' Rach's buddy Kristan Cunningham rolls up her sleeves and goes to work on her 'favorite makeover ever,' transforming the over-the-top theme room into a functional office for Stacie while still maintaining Adam's ability to pay homage to all things KISS.

Adam admits he was initially hesitant about letting outsiders handle his sacred collection. 'I was a little nervous,' he says, 'but I was even more nervous when the first thing that Kristan touched actually broke! It was one of my Gene Simmons action figures and some of the chains and studs were falling off in her hand.' Kristan defends herself by saying, 'They have a lot of accessories happening!' To make it up to Adam, Rachael and Kristan have a big surprise for him. Watch the video to see Adam and Stacie's shocked reaction to his new KISS room, and the special gift he receives -- straight from Gene Simmons!