May 26, 2006
Paul comments on last night's ROCK HONORS: The atmosphere between the bands was all smiles and hugs. It was so relaxed and everyone was really happy and excited to see each other and play together. We all had stories to tell each other and catching up to do. I thought all the bands' performances left no doubt why they were being honored. There was actually talk among some of us of touring together! I have to say the best was seeing Ace. It was like being with family. He's a wonderful guy to be around. He's healthy, looks great and is playing really great. I'm very happy and proud to see him this way. It couldn't have been warmer or more upbeat between all of us. Of course he belonged there with us and I was so glad he wanted to be there! Also, him playing "God of Thunder" with Rob, Slash, Tommy, Scott and Gilby...How cool is that? We spent a lot of time together at the show and the after-party. It couldn't have been more positive all around. He told me how great we sounded and how wild it was to be able to see KISS without being up there. We took lots of photos together and laughed a whole lot. An awesome night!