May 31, 2006
Drummer Eric Singer's ROCK HONORS report: I was of course a bit frazzled the past few days after a crazy week of highs and more highs!! The Rock Honors event was so surreal in many ways for sure. So many great bands & musicians under one roof!! Getting to share the stage with people/bands that have influenced me so greatly was a personal honor. And how about the drummers? Tommy Lee, Roger Taylor, Dave Grohl, Scott Travis, Taylor Hawkins, Shannon Larkin, Rick Allen!! That was an honor in itself to share the stage with all of them. I want to thank all the bands for being so kool to each other for this event. Ego's seemed to be checked at the door. Great to have some time to hang a bit with Brian May and catch up as well. Lastly thank you to all the KISS fans who showed us yet again why you are the best fans ever! This was an honor for you as well.