June 07, 2006
Yesterday in Los Angeles, Paul and Gene did two interviews to promote their upcoming Japanese shows. They were interviewed by Hiroshi Otomo for Sankei Sports Newspaper and filmed an interview with reporter, Ms. Eriko Tamurasome, for the program "Eigo de Shaberanaito" on NHK (PBS in Japan). "Eigo de Shaberanaito" is a popular program that teaches English while entertaining their audiences (edutainment program). Paul and Gene also had a short photo session with photographer William Hames. The top photo is crew with Paul and Gene. Top row from left: Ko Mori, Yasuhara Sunoda, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tsuneo Azuma Bottom row from left: Mae Hazelman, Kenji Wakabayashi, Eriko Tamura, Akio Hayano, Mariko Hirai, and Jun Sugawara The bottom photo is reporter, Eriko Tamura with Paul and Gene