June 22, 2006
Just got off the phone with Radio Reality Check's John Turner. Sounds like they've got another great KISS related show lined up for Thursday night (tonight). This time, the crew will have special guest (via phone), Bruce Kulick!!! They will be focusing on the career of Bruce and his years in KISS as well as his Solo CDís, his work with Union, Grand Funk Railroad, ESP and much more! Kiss fans and Bruce Kulick fans don't miss this show!!! They will be taking calls & chatting live (globally). E-mail them (from their site) with a question to ask Bruce! If they pick your question they will mention your name and question live!! They will also be giving away a Bruce Kulick CD to one lucky listener! Show info: Listen live at: Thursday, June 22 at 8PM (Pacific) (for your time - ) Phone # (707) 895-2448 (or) 1-800-499-7117 (night of show). John told KISSONLINE that during their last KISS special 94,000 people (globally) logged on from Japan, Germany, England, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and all over the US!