June 28, 2006
For release: 2006 Georgeann Walsh Ward, a former girlfriend of Gene Simmons in the 1970s, and Mr. Simmons announced today that the parties have reached an amicable resolution of Ms. Ward's suit for defamation in connection with a documentary entitled “When KISS Ruled the World.” The resolution involves no monetary payment to Ms. Ward and recognition by her that Mr. Simmons played no role in the production, editing or selection and inclusion of Ms. Ward's photographs in the documentary. In the lawsuit, filed in January 2005, Ms. Ward alleged that certain implications concerning her were created by the juxtaposition of Mr. Simmons' commentary about himself and photographs that included Ms. Ward. In response, Mr. Simmons specifically denied that any of the alleged implications could be reasonably understood from the documentary. In connection with the resolution, Mr. Simmons notes. "I value my early relationship with Ms. Ward and wish her well. My quotes in the documentary that Ms. Ward took issue with were solely about me, not Ms. Ward or anyone else." The parties are pleased that the action has been amicably resolved.