July 01, 2006
KOL friend Colette Shaw, who wrote the KISS related novel Won't Get Fooled Again, just sent us over the unique Coffeehouse review below! Photos are Colette with KISS in 2003 and the Coffeehouse bathroom while under construction. I've read hundreds of reviews from the grand opening of the KISS Coffee House in Myrtle Beach, but I was surprised none of the reports mentioned what I considered the hallmark of the new digs. I agree with the masses who gave an A to the food, drinks and atmosphere. I loved the multimedia spectacle both inside and outside the cafe', and I must admit that the chocolate chip cookies tasted so delicious, I almost wept. But, after testing the official KISS coffee blends and drinking two gallons of water in order to stay hydrated during the 11-hour wait to meet Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, I had one pressing question: How is the bathroom? The ladies' room in the KISS Coffee House is actually a unisex lavatory, identified by the Psycho Circus curtain painted on the door. Inside, a gigantic Creatures of the Night mural covers the wall closest to the toilet. The black light that illuminates the room exaggerates the glow-in-the-dark eyes of the painted band members. That image alone makes a trip to the loo worth the visit, but there's more! A clear acrylic vanity encloses blood-red neon tube lighting, and the sink is adorned by an artsy silver faucet and water handle. Tres chic! The blacklight on the ceiling also has a practical purpose. It helps identify the occasional drops that sometimes hit the seat. Bravo, KISS Coffee House! You thought of everything! All in all, I give the KISS latrine a full 5-Starchild rating. If you're ever in South Carolina, you can feel safe ordering the platinum size rockuccino. Author, Colette Shaw