July 05, 2006
The following was taken from an interview with Rob Zombie for the West Michigan Magazine REVUE. Rob is on tour through October in the US. Visit for the full interview. By Ellen Gager REVUE: With the VH1 Honors Show, what was it like, actually, jammin’ with Slash, Tommy Lee, Scott Ian, Gilby Clarke and Ace Frehley? ROB ZOMBIE: It was f****n’ awesome. It was great. I mean, I had kind of jammed with some of those people before, like Tommy Lee, obviously—he’s played on a bunch of my records, so I knew Tommy, and I had played with Slash one other time, when we both played with Alice Cooper, for a live record in Cabo. But, it was great, there was a moment when we were soundchecking and…all those guys are fantastic, and it was awesome to play with them. But the biggest thrill for me was playing with Ace Frehley. Because, thinking back to being a fourth-grader, buying Destroyer and looking at the pictures, and it’s just mind-blowing that I’m standing onstage and he’s like (in a voice that sounds like he just sucked helium), “Hey, Rob that sounds pretty good, all right let’s play!” And I’m thinkin’, “Holy sh*t. Ace Frehely.” And just hangin’ out, like we got off stage and Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were there, and they’re like, “Hey, good job. Sounds good.” It’s like, “This is f*****g surreal.” Oh it’s bizarre. Not even you get to meet them, you get to meet them as you’re walking onstage to perform with them. That’s the trippy part. Just like, I mean, I’ve known Alice Cooper for a while, but when we went through Arizona this time he came down to the show, and he stood on the side of the stage while we played. I never get over being thrilled by that.