July 09, 2006
KISSONLINE spoke earlier tonight with Donnie Coleman of Tennessee about his great customized KISS Truck. He told us that he has loved KISS for over 30 years and this truck is a living work of art and tribute to them, the Greatest Rock N Roll band of all time. The truck is a one of a kind, original, custom 1997 Ford KF-150 KISS Truck. Donnie has spent thousands of man hours customizing it, and tens of thousands of dollars in modifications, and for almost 10 years has shown the truck at car and truck shows around the country. KISS modifications include a mural of Gene Simmons on the hood, Gene's icon and the KISS logo on all four sides, fog lights on top - each containing a letter that spells KISS on the light covers and the Ford logo painted white with the KISS logo. Other KISS items are attached throughout and an awesome handpainted mural of the "Love Gun" album cover on the tailgate completes the KISS modifications. The KISS truck has been in hundreds of auto shows, both local and national, and has won many awards including World of Wheels National Car Show, where it took 1st place all 5 times Donnie attended! The truck has won a total of 81 trophies and awards including Best of Show, Best Truck, Best Ford Truck, People's Choice, Award of Excellence, Most Unique, Most Unusual, One of a Kind, Kleenest of the Kleen, Outstanding Contemporary, Best Graphics, Best Chrome as well as twelve 1st Place in Show!