July 17, 2006
KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Tonight KISS had a photo shoot/interview session for some Japanese Press at the hotel in Nagoya and KISSONLINE was there to cover it for you! The guys were in great spirits and everyone was joking throughout the event, especially KISS manager Doc McGhee who was cracking one liners left and right! In addition to taking photos at the shoot, we also filmed this very funny session and we will add some clips to KOL in the future! The shoot itself only lasted about 20 minutes and when it was done, Eric talked with Doc about going down to the lobby. Doc spoke with the band and everyone agreed to head down to the lobby in full costume and makeup, unannounced! As soon as the elevator opened and KISS entered the lobby, people ran to the band from all directions! KISS performed an impromptu meet and greet to a stunned crowd. The band shook hands, took photos and held babies! The greatest part of all, was to see the look on peoples faces. No one, including the hotel staff, could believe KISS in full makeup and costume were in the hotel lobby. If that wasn't enough, Paul and Tommy made their way over to the lounge stage and joined the duo entertaining the crowd. Paul took turns singing with the girl singer as Tommy "helped" the guitarist! KISS delighted the entire lobby and had a great time themselves! If the band's vibe tonight is any indication of what's to come at the shows, everyone is in for a great ride!