August 01, 2006 invites you to visit KOL's Letters page at to read other fan letters or submit your own! OMG!!!!! Thank you, Thank you! This was a great concert. I'm just getting out of the venue now. The Chumash resort really knows how to host a good ol' KISS RnR PARTY. For anyone not there - a few surprises were in store for those of us faithful. 'Kissin' Time' being close to the top. A down-home rock-out!! It was worth the price of admission and (a plane ride for me from Denver). Another surprise - blood, fire and pyro when the tickets said none would be allowed -all good fun!!! We even rushed the stage at the end - not bad since most of the crowd (me too) are in our 40 somethings now. I had a great time - Thanks KISS. I was to the right of Gene jumping up and down like crazy (I was the one that looks like an old football player). Hope to see you back in Denver. I can't emphasize enough how great a concert this was - I might have been 5 feet from the stage at the end. Just a wonderful time. Some great KISS tunes: King of the Night Time World, Deuce, Strutter, on and on. A very heartfelt intro from Paul for 'God gave RnR to you' got the house chanting U.S.A over and over - so cool at the end Paul reached over and gave a guitar pick to a man in a wheel Chair right next to me (the man was about my age(a vet maybe??)). KISS really looks out for their ARMY! See you in Denver! Denver Dean - Your favorite Aerospace Engineer Photo from KISSONLINE