August 06, 2006
KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE: After returning from the march, the fans were treated to great sets by Cleveland's MR. SPEED (which included a rare performance of "Raise Your Glasses") and Baltimore's LOVE GUN. During LOVE GUN's set, an entire wedding party, bride and groom, TJ & Jill included, rocked away to the band.They had stopped by the park for their wedding photos and decided to stay! That will be a great story for the newly weds to tell years from now! Closing out the tribute band performances was the all girl tribute band BLACK DIAMOND, with a fun rockin' set that capped off a great day in the park! The bottom photo is of Kristi Badalamenti and Curt King, who arrived at the event in a very funny way!! They were jet skiing on Lake Erie and heard the bands performing. They came as close as possible to the shore and swam the rest of the way to the park!! Just one of many great sights in a day filled with great moments and great people. People who all gathered together to share their love for KISS. The KISS ARMY RULES, indeed!