April 01, 2008

As rock legends KISS ready to mark their 35th anniversary with tours in Australia and Europe, their frontman, the Star Child Paul Stanley, marks the beginning of a brand new journey as a highly touted painter in the world-wide art scene. Art aficionados and KISS fans alike have descended upon galleries to study these surprising introspective offerings from the man who boldly beckons us to 'Rock N' Roll All Night and Party Every Day.'

As I enter Paul Stanley's palatial estate, he opens tiny gates from room to room that were installed that very morning to keep his 17-month-old son Collin from getting into undue trouble. As we journey through the house and out to his guest house / art studio in the backyard, the walls are noticeably void of any KISS memorabilia. Paul smiles, 'I know what I've done; I don't need a wall of gold records to remind me.' And this seems true. Paul has settled into a very tranquil and happy existence with his wife and new son. But it would seem that painting has also brought Paul peace of mind of late. 'Anytime you find a means of expression it's going to make you more aware of who you are and put you more at peace, it's kind of like releasing the pressure on a water pipe.'

As Paul shows off several easels of paintings in progress, he offers up a part of his ritual. 'I come in here and crank up some music and make a mess. Most of the time I listen to the soul station on XM. I can sing those songs backwards and forwards: Delfonics, Joe Tex, Al Green