August 06, 2006
KISSONLINE EXCLUSIVE: KISSONLINE attended the KISS Fan March and Rally earlier today in Cleveland. Hats off to the promoters Craig Thompson, Tom Hale, Paul Carpenter, Kim Rolfe and Kristine Connell (pictured in the top photo). They did a wonderful job with today's event! The location, the weather and the fans were absolutely perfect! The KISS Fan March on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame turned out to be a very special event for all who attended! Over 500 KISS fanatics from around the US and Canada were present to let the Hall know exactly how they feel about KISS not being inducted. The day began in Voinovich Park, a beautiful park right on Lake Erie, just down from the Hall of Fame.The tribute bands set up the stage as dealers displayed KISS merchandise while fans made signs and began to gather for the march. Others played frisbee (with a KISS frisbee) on the lawn as friends, old and new talked everything KISS! After introductions from the promoters and some inspiration from a few fans, the crowd peacefully walked from the park up the street to the Hall. It was a great sight, fans of all ages walking together side by side for something they obviously believed in so much! Once there fans took turns making comments on the steps of the Hall as the crowd cheered! Much to the fan's surprise and delight, the Hall started playing KISS "Rock And Roll All Nite" over the speakers. This was a kind of surreal moment and actually seemed like the Hall was waiving a white flag to surrender!! The protest lasted about a half hour and then fans marched back to the park for the rest of the day's planned events.