August 26, 2006
KISSONLINE received the two letters below related to the US Military. The first is a great note from a Navy Mom thanking KISS for their support of servicemen and women and the other is a note from our friend Edwin in Iraq. Both letters amaze us! As Paul always says "remember and honor all the great American heroes who continue to keep us free!" KISS, Thank you for performing for the troops. My family has a long history of Naval service to this country. In every generation (and in my generation, I was the first woman), one of us answered our nation's call to arms. Morale is important to our young men and women serving so far from home, sometimes in horrible conditions. It is heartening to this Navy mom (both my son and daughter wear Navy blue) to think that even rock stars as famous as KISS think of them and their fellow servicemen and women, and make an effort on their behalf. Thank you. Best personal regards, Jo Lavender Hey thanks for writing. We had a couple of close calls the other day. We had a hell of a fire fight for 3 hours. An RPG whizzed right by me, it was horrific. I had my IPOD with the portable speakers listening to, you guessed it, KISS "War Machine" and it kept me calm. My wife finally sent me the Gene Simmons Family Jewels it was great. I have duty in a few minutes, take care and thanks for writing. Edwin Martinez