September 27, 2006
This is me and my best friend, John Richards, at a function in KISS make up, I won't tell you the date as it was a few years ago! We were both obsessed fans of KISS and this was the ideal opportunity for us to dress as our idols - Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley. The hours it took to put the make up on (much respect to the Band for doing this for so long), was certainly appreciated by the judges as we came 1st and won a magnum of Champagne. We drank the champagne through a straw, so as not to disturb the make up. What a party that was! (Rock and Roll All Night etc....) And boy did we suffer the next day........ Tragically John was killed in a car accident not long after the party. But the memory of the night has stayed with me since. He was a fun loving guy and would be ecstatic about appearing on the KISS website, knowing that the guys do read what's put on by the fans. Cheers! Mike Taylor Read more great letters at, or post your own!