October 02, 2006
KISSONLINE.com EXCLUSIVE Wow, just back from the Cincinnati KISS EXPO and what a treat it was for all who attended! The day was filled with great performances from 10 year old drummer Angelo Coppola, KISS Tribute bands Mr. Speed and Black Diamond as well as a killer set from Bob Kulick & SSG. KISS Dealers, including KISSONLINE, sold all kinds of KISS collectibles throughout the day. Even Dillards Department Store and Gemini Cosmetics were on hand, promoting the new KISS Fragrance Line by handing out free samples and other cool promotional items! Fans were also treated to a viewing of the trailer for the October 26th Big Screen showing of KISS ALIVE! at Cobo Hall, Detroit 1976. But the real star of Sunday's Expo was PAUL STANLEY! Though not present, Paul was definitely there in spirit as several hundred fans enthusiastically celebrated the release of his first solo album in 28 years. Everyone in attendance received a LIVE TO WIN laminate and Paul postcards were handed out throughout the day. Several signed copies of the LIVE TO WIN radio single were raffled off as KISSONLINE proudly hosted the first Official LIVE TO WIN listening party. We began with a special video message to the fans from Paul himself, followed by the premiere of the mastered LIVE TO WIN CD in it's entirety. Fans cheered and applauded thoroughout the playing of the CD and the feedback afterwards was just incredible. There was genuine excitement in the ballroom after the playing of LIVE TO WIN as fans asked KOL questions about the CD and Paul's upcoming tour. The crowd even erupted in an impromptu chant of Paul, Paul, Paul as KOL photographer Al Soluri took photos for Paul and the website! Al and myself want to thank all of you who spoke with us yesterday. It was truly a pleasure to meet and speak with so many of you who support KISSONLINE. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments about the site and Paul's new CD! See you next Sunday at the Allentown KISS EXPO, where once again we will host a LIVE TO WIN Listening Party. Thanks again, Keith Leroux Tickets and info on the Allentown KISS Expos at http://www.kissmuseum.com/expo.htm or by calling (610) 351-3358. To reserve hotel rooms call the Days Inn & Conference Toll Free: (888)395-5200.