September 02, 2008

Thanks to everyone for sending in their concert reviews! Keep them coming!!

Fan Reviews:

Got into Las Vegas Thursday night from Ohio. It was a LOOONNNG day with all the travel...

We made it into the Palms around 6:00pm. There were KISS fans milling about of all ages. Families, couples, die-hards as well as the unitiated were well represented.

After 7:00pm the doors opened to the concert hall... It was a very impressive layout. There is not a bad seat in the whole place. I made my way to my seat which was right behind the floor seating general admission area in the elevated area. VERY cool!!!

Soon after the pleasantly short set from Think, the big KISS banner was lowered... The Who's Wont' get Fooled Again was blasting through the speakers... The crowd was FIRED UP!!!

And then the famous intro... THEN...


As the boys tore into Deuce the curtain dropped and the adrenaline flowed non-stop for the next 2 hours!!!

Gene in all the excited missed his opening cue for the first line of the show opener but he quickly broke into'Pick up! old Jim was working hard this year'!!! The Demon was back on track and never wavered for the rest of the concert. He must have been doing tongue stretches all week prior to the event. It was flicking and wagging constantly!!!

Paul was in GREAT shape and was EVERYHERE!!! He was having a ball with the crowd. I do not believe I EVER saw him smile so much during show!!!

...and before Got To Choose he said and I quote: Let's make tonight special because we have no plans to tour in the States until NEXT SUMMER!!!'

Tommy was probably the most relaxed I have ever seen. He too was smiling and interacting with the fans. His solo during She was top notch. His rocket firing axe barrage was KILLER!!! The crowd at the Palms went NUTS!!!

What can I say about Eric? He was on FIRE!!! His vocals rocked and Nothin' To Lose was INCREDIBLE!!! He was pounding those skins like there was NO TOMORROW!!!

The band put on a stellar performance. If you EVER get the chance to see KISS perform in an intimate setting like this...DO NOT PASS IT UP!!!

The Boys were having a BLAST up there on the stage and the Palms Casino crowd was LOVING it!!!

Paul had the Vegas fans on their feet all nite and he never let anyone rest for a minute. Everyone was getting a workout!

His rap before I Was Made For Loving You was great... He quipped to the crowd: 'This was a big hit around the world...and we SINNED... WE had a hit song with something you could dance to...OH MY GOD... A rock and roll band with a song you could dance to... Oh WHAT A SIN!!! To the handful of people That did not like it: TOUGH SHIT!!!'

The amount of confetti during Rock and Roll All Nite was blinding. It was like being lost in a blizzard!!! It probably made a blip on the radar of the Weather Channel!!!!

It was an awesome night. I met some really cool fans and that in itself is always special. One guy I sat next to flew in from Florida. He had been a fan for a long time and said he figured he should go just so he would never have to say he never got a chance to see them. On the other side of me was a father and his son that were from Las Vegas. He was taking his son so that his young son would never have to say he never had a chance to see KISS either...

It is meeting fans like these fine people that always renews MY faith in MY favorite band of all time. To me KISS is more than a band...More than a show... More than merchandise... When the fans come together it is an EVENT that is beyond description... The celebration continues...

See you all next week when the KISS Army invades the KISS Coffeehouse!!!


Last 08/28/09 I went to LAS VEGAS from MADRID , SPAIN in a 16 hours flight, this was the first time I saw KISS in his own Country , I always saw KISS in several cities of Europe , like Madrid , Zaragoza, Paris , Milano , London , etc, and was the first time to see KISS in a small venue, I always saw KISS in Big Arenas and Festivals around Europe. I wondered whether if American Fans would like Europeans , the answer was only a matter of time Just 9.00 pm ( the show begins at this time ) to Know that people went crazy quickly, and non stop till the end of the same.There were a big billboard on the street venue and another one just in the main hall of Casino.

The set list was the same that I saw in the European leg of KISS alive 35 ( a great idea remember one of the best rock and roll albums of all time ; who haven't KISS ALIVE ? ), The sound was perfect and clear an a little bit heavier than in Europe , maybe because of the size of venue. Paulīs voice was in perfect condition which I hold enormously and turned to prove once more that together with Mick Jagger is the best frontman in the world ( I love you Paul , you are the heart of Kiss ) , Gene his concert was probably the best I have ever seen he led the band not just visually but also in the rhythm , phrasing his bass with a perfect low ( love you Gene , you are the head of Kiss ). Tommy was a little more shy than in Europe ,( where he was at a great height , not only music but also seizing the visual scene many times . ( Tommy you are now one of us ). Eric , what can I say about the best drummer in the world it is an honor yo listen to your music.

I finish the show exhaustive, the trip by plane , the jet lag and the two hours singing and dancing louder.

Definitely a pretty City and a Las Vegas Rock city.

Thanks for all and see you soon around the world . I GOT THE BEST.

Javier Rueda

I have been a KISS fan since the mid 70's and have seen them each time they toured and did club gigs (been lucky enough to see them in venues such as the Troubadour in West Hollywood, Country Club in Reseda, and Paul's solo stint at The Palace too as well as a few other intimate shows) in Los Angeles since 1979. Last night they showed vitality, endurance and amazing showmanship,even when comparing to the usual high KISS standard. They sounded nothing short of amazing, though there were at least one or two tech issues with the microphones. The set list was superb! If I had gotten to pick the set list, it would have only been different by including more songs that I have yet to see live such as Sweet Pain and Flaming Youth as well as some of the hardest rocking tunes I haven't heard live in a few years like Creatures Of The Night, War Machine, G-d Of Thunder etc. I could list MANY others, but you get my point. To be honest, I knew I would enjoy the show as I always do, but they exceeded my expectations. Definitely worth the trip from Los Angeles for me. I would love to see them play a few more smaller venues in the future too. I think the spectacle lost in a smaller venue (such as some larger pyro and fire works) is more than made up for by the intimacy of a smaller room.

Keep Rockin' fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Kesler

Another great performance. Loved hearing the older songs that aren't generally played on tour. The band sounded great and even more amazing is how well Gene & Paul get around for their age. Looks like their only in their 30's. There wasn't one part of the show I didn't like. Other bands should watch and take notes. Already looking forward to the summer tour Paul was talking about. I was very happy that Vegas got 1 of the 4 US shows. Thank you Kiss

Bob Weigant

It was my first KISS show... it was awesome ... I've seen other bands ... but this show rocked! ... Best concert and show I've ever seen and heard ... I live in Vegas ... so I've seen some shows ... but nothing compares to seeing KISS live ...

Sergio Sandoval

I just got home from JFK today, all I can say is that everything has begun to sink in. I caught a 7AM flight from JFK on Friday, saw KISS, and returned 7AM the same day! This was my first KISS show and I must say, celebrating it in Las Vegas, as well as my first plane ride was a memorable experience. I attended the show with the great Mick Campise, which gave me the opportunity to meet with KISS at the "secret" pre-show meet and greet. It was amazing to be standing with Gene, while he was in full makeup/costume, finally. I especially got a kick out of Gene for doing the Three Stooges Nyuck - Nyuck sounds, in response to my Curly shirt. ( What a great guy, I hope he received the birthday card I got for him). When we finally went into the ballroom for the show, chills and goose bumps set in, I was home, finally about to see KISS! Through out the night I took advantage of my ALL - ACCESS pass, and I mingled with everyone I ran into. Before we went in I actually ran into David Spade.

As I stood on Tommy's side of the stage before the show began, I had the opportunity to meet not only John -5, but Ron Jeremy as well. The show began with DEUCE and I was in shock! I was finally seeing KISS. As the set-list progressed, I made my way to the VIP boxes where I ran into the always awesome Vinnie Paul, as well as Hell Yeah - those guys were great. I found myself a nice spot, and I finally settled in the VIP section to rock out to KISS the rest of the night. To my surprise as I looked over to my left, there sat the beautiful Sophie Tweed Simmons! And as you guessed Shannon and Nick were with her as well. When the night came to a close I was VERY lucky to snap a picture with The Tweed-Simmons family - at that time I showed them my (still in progress) KISS leg tattoo (signed by Gene on 7-11-08). The family was so nice in person I almost felt like they were my family. Such great people. So in closing, for my FIRST KISS show it was the greatest time of my life! It was definitely worth it to MAX out my KISS credit card to see my heroes, and fly out from New Jersey to only return in less then 24 Hours. It could not have been better, and now I anxiously await the Summer tour dates - I'd like to thank Mick Campise for making this possible for me, and Gene for always being a great guy when we meet, and Shannon, Sophie & Nick for being so gracious, and down-to-earth.

Rock ON!
Joe Penn .

This was my first KISS concert and it was worth the wait. The Pearl Theater was a phenomenal venue to see them in. The sound was great and the intimate setting was the best. Can‘t wait to see them again!!! Attached is a photo I took of the concert.

Shane Hainstock

I just came back from the KISS show at Konocti amphitheater,My arms are sore, I lost my voice and I have not slept for hours. My very first KISS show, It was phenomenal! It was a two day trip, many hours on the road but it was worth every penny. When 8 PM came, My heart was beating when the heard the famous "You wanted the best.." introduction and like a thunderbolt, The mighty KISS hit the stage. I simply couldn't wrap my head around the fact that KISS WAS RIGHT INFRONT OF MY EYES, MY HEROES WERE JUST THERE! .I yelled 'HOLY S**T" with the biggest grin in the world on my face and I was in absolute heaven. I still cant wrap my head around the fact that Gene and Paul were in the presence of me. I've spent years admiring these two men and to have them...just ..there was astonishing. I think some people out there will know what I mean. After all I haven't become jaded with seeing KISS so many times that its old news to me, I still see magic.Any who, they tore into Deuce. For the whole 2 hours prior to the show starting I was wondering If I'd try and be as reserved as possible, and not turn into a maniac . I wondered if I'd be too embarrassed to sing like I did in front of strangers just because I'm naturally a shy socially up tight person, but dammit, when they came out, I lost my ever loving mind. I sang every lyric of every song, actually, I screamed every lyric of every song, it must have annoyed some people but dammit, I didn't travel hours and hours to not enjoy the hell out of a KISS concert, so I sang until my throat started to hurt, In fact I think I tasted a little bit of blood in my throat after they did Parasite so I tried to tone it down. Kinda funny to me, I was the kid in back of the class who never said a word and here I was acting like a lunatic. It felt amazing. The show was 2 hours but it felt like 30 minutes. I was surprised that they were going into Rock And Roll All Nite when they did, It was cool to finally sing RARAN with a crowd, at a KISS concert, it gave me chills because I can't tell you how many times I air guitared to KISS for endless hours in my room for the past couple years.The show came to a close with Detroit Rock City, I stood up on my chair and went nuts. At the end of the show, I was on my knees on the floor filling my fanfire merch bag with confetti, I must have looked like a complete loser but dammit, I was on such a high, I didn't care what people thought of me, which goes back full circle to my love for KISS. At the end of the show, I saw another KISS fan who looked my age, I looked him in the eye and yelled in his face, 'THAT WAS F*****G DOPE WASN'T IT?!" to which he yelled back ' F*** YEAH!" and we high fived and went our separate ways, I never just went up to a total stranger and yelled in their face.

Although I had the time of my life, It still feels like none of it happened, It feels like a dream, and it kinda was. Thank you for the greatest day of my life. It will be incredibly hard to go back to my life after this. Keep rockin'!

Luis Reynaga,

I want to thank you, Mr. Stanley, Mr. Thayer, and Mr. Singer for putting on hell of a show even in a small venue. On August 29 me and my family saw all four of you perform in Vegas Rock City. My little brother and I experienced our very first concert but we were spoiled, we saw KISS, any other concert will be dull compared to you guys. We heard Paul say something about a summer tour, was he serious? We hope to see you all again soon. We live in Victorville California by the way. It would be awesome if there were a show in Los Angeles next time. We wish you and your family the best.

Bryon Raymond & family

I am a 38 year old who just fulfilled his childhood dream.....attending a KISS concert! It was a spur of the moment decision that I will never regret, even though I had to pay an insane amount of money for the ticket, flight and hotel. For once, all of the kids did not come first.

My ticket was in the first row on the left side of the stage(facing out). I was concerned that I would not be able to see, due to all of the people standing on the floor. My thought was that I would be sitting some of the time, I could not have been more wrong. From the onset of the concert to the very end, I was standing and jumping around like I was a teenager(thank God none of my kids saw me).

I will be honest, Gene's A&E show has propelled me back into a big KISS fan. I even joined the KISS Army again, and converted my girlfriend from country into a fan as well....even the kids want me to play the CD's!

Back to the concert itself. I could not imagine attending their concert in a large venue. The Pearl was a very intimate venue with great acoustics. I felt that I was not just watching the show, I was IN the show. The boys did a great job drawing everyone into the music, and their energy was electric.

Paul made a remark that made me very excited. He said, speaking to the kids in the crowd, "We were there for your parents, and we will be there for you!" I have several foster kids, and I know that they would love to attend a show when they tour during the summer.

The selection of songs brought us down memory lane. The solos were great, especially Eric's drum solo. He must have played for a good fifteen minutes. I also felt that Tommy did an excellent job as well. I was concerned going in that the sound just would not be the same as with Ace and Peter. I was really wrong. It is impressive how a sound can last for decades as it has for KISS.

My next goal is to actually meet the band at some point in my life. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams. Should any of the band members read this, I want to say thanks for the memories over the years and the new ones that have just manifested themselves this past weekend! You guys are great; And Paul, my kids are holding you to your quote....Until next time!

Jack Payne

I am from London, Ontario, Canada.

My wife and I went to Vegas for the show at the Pearl. The last time I saw KISS was in 1976 in Detroit, so it was long overdue. They did not disappoint! I loved the fact that the venue was so small and intimate. That made our upper-deck seats seem really close to the action. The Pearl is a beautiful venue - one of the best I have been to.

The excitement of the crowd was palpable. The show started off with a bang. Gene missed the lead-in to Deuce - he flubbed Rock and Roll All Nite too. Paul and Gene's voices both seemed tired, but got stronger as the night went on. Maybe the sound wasn't quite right.

But the set was amazing - lots of songs they haven't played live in probably 30 years. Eric was very strong both singing and drumming. Tommy knows the solos inside and out. They even through in a little Led Zep and The Who which I thought was really cool. There was a little boy sitting beside us who was about the age I was when I last saw KISS (around 9 years old). And it took me back to how excited I was when I was his age. That made the night that more special for me - watching him idolize KISS just like I did back then (and still do!)

All in all an awesome show and awesome experience which confirms how KISS's music and stageshow still remains as timeless as it was 35 years ago.

Sean Cavanagh

On August 29, 2008 I attended my first concert with my parents, little brother, uncle, and a couple of cousins. I love the fact that my first concert was a KISS concert. We arrived in Vegas from Victorville at about noon. We stayed at the Rio just across the street from The Palms. We waited and waited in the room and then finally it was 5:00 and we got in a taxi and went over to The Palms. We waited for almost two hours before they finally let us line up and get ready to see the hottest band in the world. Finally we got in and got our wrist bands. We entered the venue and were only feet from the stage. That's when it hit me... KISS is in the building. At 8:00 the opening band "Think" came on stage and played for about half an hour. Then the curtain dropped and everyone cheered as we all saw the letters K-I-S-S written in silver. Finally those magical words filled the air... "Hello Las Vegas, You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS!" Then fire and explosions filled the stage along with Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric. There they were... KISS. That was the most exciting night of my life. I will remember this night for the rest of my life. What I really loved was the fact that they put on one hell of a show even in a really small venue. Hopefully next time I see them it is at a bigger venue so Gene flies up and spits blood. It is extremely hard to not type out every detail because I do remember everything. Well anyway that was my day before the best day of my life.

Bryon Raymond