February 24, 2007 Today's Myrtle Beach KISS Expo was attended by over 300 fans, who spent the day shopping for KISS collectibles, making new KISS friends and visiting with guests Bruce Kulick and Lydia Criss. Bruce signed autographs, took photos and chatted with fans for over 5 hours. Lydia also spoke with the fans and signed copies of her new book. Later in the day, fans took part in trivia and makeup contests and had a wonderful time singing KISS Karaoke! Brian Galvin, from the KISS Coffeehouse, also stopped by to talk about the Coffeehouse. KOL had a chance to catch up with Brian and he told us about some great new Coffeehouse merchandise in the works. There are some really cool items coming soon! He also told us that June 16th is the date of the planned 1st Anniversary celebration - more details on this soon! We also had the pleasure of meeting our good friend Zachary Johnson. You may recall our story back in December on Zach, the 5 year old with tumors on his brain. He is an amazing kid and a huge KISS fan! Zach and his mom drove over 13 hours to get to the expo, just so he could spend the day experiencing KISS. His mom told us that Zach's biggest pleasure in life is KISS and that it really helps with his seizures. He had so much fun today, it was a joy to watch him. Zach did an wonderful job singing karaoke - he has all of Paul's moves down. He told us how both Paul and Bruce called him last year and how he loves them both. Paul is his idol and he just can't stop talking about him. It was so great watching Bruce with Zach - he was talking with him and just hanging out like a friend. Zach spent quite a bit of time at the KOL table and for that we are thankful! Lastly, thanks to all of the KOL supporters who stopped by our booth to say hi. It is such a pleasure meeting all of you and a thrill to hear your comments about KOL!