March 07, 2007 Paul and Gene will appear at WIZARD WORLD at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, March 17th, 2007. 1) PANEL DISCUSSION: KISS COMICS GROUP presents “KISS 4K – FROM THE TOP” with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Ricky Sprague - 60 minutes. Join Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s Platinum Studios and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as they take you behind the scenes of the making of the KISS COMICS GROUP and its debut comics KISS 4K: Legends Never Die” TIME: 3 – 4PM (Venue: Dave Cockrum Room #515A)   2) KISS 4K – SIGNING with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley – 60 minutes Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons to sign at the GOLDEN APPLE/KISS COMICS GROUP Booth #707 - a 60-minute signing session (at the Golden Apple/KISS COMICS GROUP space – Booth #707) TIME: BETWEEN 4:15PM – 5:15PM (AFTER the PANEL)