May 07, 2007 Another great New York KISS Expo this past Saturday. Once again Eric Singer was extremely accommodating . He always takes so much time with each fan. My 11 year old son Scott who has met several members of the band asked me " dad why are all the members of KISS so nice?" I explained to him that unlike some other entertainers KISS really appreciates their fans. Its always cool to say hi to you guys at KISS too . The tribute band KISSTERIA was great.Like the real KISS they stayed after the show and took pictures with fans. Scott the drummer was especially nice to my son, thanks Scott. I have a small place in KISSTORY myself I was the fan in makeup from the now famous Peter Criss Donahue show. My son is so proud of that, my wife on the other hand is another story. But even she knows that every year around May my son and I have to go to our N.Y. KISS Expo! Here's looking forward to next year.... Rock On, Joseph & Scott Diaz, Yonkers N.Y. LETTERS click here.