January 16, 2014
Thanks to the KISS Army for sharing these great KISS Hard Rock photos and letters with KISS!

KISS has partnered with Hard Rock Cafe on Limited Edition KISS merchandise supporting City of Hope.

CLICK HERE to purchase yours today online.

KISS truly is everywhere ! Kiss display for the new Kiss Signature Series At the new Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland ! Please come back to Glasgow soon ! - Drew Somerville

My girlfriend and I went to tour Yankee Stadium, and I am a huge KISS fan and wanted to check out the Hard Rock Cafe to see if they had any KISS artifacts. Looks like we found something better, and someone is a little excited to see her favorite demon. Also congrats on the Hall of Fame inductions, its been a long time coming!! - Ryan Edwards

Hello KISS Army and Navy, Good friend of mine Joe Martinez contacted me about the KISS items on sale at Hard Rock Café San Antonio, Tx. I paid a visit and purchased both items. Be sure to visit your nearest Hard Rock Café and purchase your KISS Hard Rock t-shirt and lapel pin. Both items are listed on the Hard Rock Café website, but difference is that both items don't depict a city. Hard Rock Café stated “Our purchase of this pin supports City of Hope's efforts to conquer cancer, diabetes, HIV/Aids, and other life threatening diseases. 15% of the retail price will help City of Hope shorten the time it takes to get from bold innovative ideas to powerful medical treatments.” - Take Care, Michael Aldana (San Antonio, Texas)

Stopped by the New Hard Rock Casino in Northfield, Cleveland & encountered this Terrific Display of their Featured Artist of The Month! Guess Who? Cha Ching! - George Chako

Check out this awesome KISS display at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street from my office in downtown Washington DC! I almost fell over when I saw it, and of course had to get the limited edition shirt and pin! Can't wait to see you guys again next time you're in DC! - Nicky O.