June 10, 2007 (Photo by BARRY BRECHEISEN) PAUL STANLEY LIVE TO WIN DVD SNEAK PEEK If you're headed to the St. Louis KISS Fan Expo next weekend - you're in for a huge treat - Paul Stanley has authorized a special sneak peek of his upcoming LIVE TO WIN Concert DVD! "I'm really proud of this film and there's no reason to wait for the DVD release to share it with the fans", Paul stated Sunday. "Everyone at the KISS Expo are in for a treat that will leave them wanting and waiting for more". Director Louis Antonelli has put together a wonderful 30 minute piece including a trailer and several songs from Paul's Chicago House of Blues Show. Antonelli will be on hand to intro the film and will hold a Q & A directly after the screening. The first ever St. Louis KISS Fan Expo will also feature former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick. The Expo will take place on Sunday June 24th from 1:00PM to 8:00PM (12:00PM for VIP holders) at the Holiday Inn Southwest & Viking Conference Center 10709 Watson Rd. in St. Louis, MO. KISSONLINE will be attending the Expo and selling exclusive KOL merchandise! For more information or to buy tickets for the St. Louis KISS Fan Expo click here.