June 19, 2007 I wish that I could express for you just how incredible I feel today. It's the kind of feeling that I wish for all of you to experience at some point in your life. Last night I was given the opportunity to jam with Ace Frehley! So as the notes of our performance rang out Ace approached the stage to address and thank the crowd that had waited patiently to meet him. I could feel all of my senses really coming to the surface and my emotions were definitely on overload. It seemed as if time stood still as my memory conjured up years of trips to record stores and poster shops. The thousands of times that I've watched KISS videos and read interviews from Grooves, Hit Parader & Metal Edge magazine. Ace emerged from behind our backline wearing Joe's Les Paul and the years of dedication to this band that I love came stumbling toward me. Here I was on stage with Ace in Myrtle Beach but in my head it was Largo, Anaheim, Cobo and Tiger Stadium all rolled into one. We didn't know what song he would want to play and as he thanked everyone for coming out he turned and shouted "Shock Me"! We were backing up Ace on a KISS classic that had everyone there singing along. The feeling was incredible and the fans faces were priceless. This is why I'm a KISS fan. To be fortunate enough to have been involved with this event and have it conclude like this is something that no one can take away. As the song ended and the crowd exploded with applause I didn't want it to end. Ace began to exit the stage only to turn around and embrace me with a hug that seemed surreal and sincere at the same time. I thanked him for this special moment in my life and he told me that "everything's going to be ok". To everyone that was there, thanks for helping to make it special. To Brian & Skip from the Coffeehouse and Keith at KISSONLINE - what can I say? Words are not enough. From the bottom of my heart...thank you! Rich Kosak - MR.SPEED