July 26, 2007 Hi everybody who gives his blood and gives his soul and pledges allegiance ... to the state of Rock'n'Roll! :-) I saw a few fan letters ago, a message from few Czech girls. It's great to read such words! I'd like to greet all KISS fans not just here in Czechia but everywhere in the world. Few years ago when we were graduating from our secondary school me and three friends of mine (Jenda, Honza & Honza - you can see them on the photo) masked and dressed up like the hottest band in the world (we spent quite a lot of time on all that stuff .. but we were proud to made all the equipment for not more than 10 bucks all together :-)) and made some mess in front of our school while playing KISS songs to the whole school! Wonderful to remind it! I'm writing this while listening Alive! and I'm glad to share a photo. Sorry for the English. Keep on rockin'! Zdenek LETTERS click here.