July 30, 2007
PAULSTANLEY.com To All My Friends And Fans, I wanted to let all of you know that I AM ABSOLUTELY FINE! I'm going to the gym as usual, painting as usual and will be going into the recording studio this week. Like many, I have had a rapid heart beat condition most of my life and I never have had any type of restrictions. When I've had an episode, although momentarily disrupting and taxing, it has no residual effect. This is nothing new and my doctors have known about it. In short, It doesn't change, hasn't changed and won't change my life. To make it clear... I WILL BE AT ROCK & ROLL FANTASY CAMP IN NY.. I WILL BE AT THE WENTWORTH ART GALLERY SHOW in Des Peres, MO. and anything else that's on schedule. I'm stoked and looking forward to it all. Thanks for the literally thousands of calls and e-mails from all of you. You all mean the world to me. Now ONWARD! Paul