June 02, 2009

Design By Hümans is excited to present it's newest DBH Music Series contest partner! Fresh off their American Idol performance with Adam Lambert, let's welcome KISS!

Celebrating thirty-five years of rockin the globe, KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley along with longtime band members, guitarist, Tommy Thayer and drummer, Eric Singer, vow to bring the KISS Army the time honored KISS spectacular that has made their performances legendary.

The KISS Army is looking for a few good Humans to design art for the band's upcoming tour.

Design Guidelines

* For this contest we will accept two types of submissions:

1) Art based designs that do not contain any KISS logos or branding.


2) Designs that contain the KISS logo as well as other KISS design elements. (Please refer to the style guide for acceptable KISS design elements). Download KISS style guide. Note: Submissions containing KISS design elements that are not found in the provided style guide will be rejected.

Prizes? Oh, we got prizes....

Band's Pick - Must Incorporate a KISS logo

$1,000 Cash $250 Credit

People's Pick - decided mostly by votes

$1,000 Cash $250 Credit

DBH's Pick - Original artwork

$1,000 cash $250 Credit

The awesome KISS Grab Bag will include cool stuff like games, collectibles, apparel, and much more!

Will it be a set of KISS Guitar Hero skins?

Maybe a sweet KISS dart board set.... An autographed poster?

Maybe it's all of the above...

Oh, one last thing....One of the three winners will receive a pair of tickets to a KISS concert with a meet and greet and photo opportunity with the band members! .